iPhone Crash Detection starts after a BMW driver accidentally collides with a BMW driver

Remember the Crash Detection feature Apple introduced with the iPhone 14 last year? He’s still working. This feature recently came in handy for this couple involved in a BMW car accident in a BMW.

According to the BMW E92 driver He told After the accident, the driver of the BMW E90 pulled out in front of them after they turned the corner. Watch their artistic recreation of what happened here.

The results aren’t pretty for an E92 driver device (nor an E90 driver device, probably), but it’s good to see Apple’s fault detection system working.

“I was in my first car accident as a passenger, and the paramedics were surprised that we came out with only a few fractures. Thanks to the Apple SOS feature for calling 911 because I was in a state where I couldn’t, and notifying my emergency contacts of the situation. books the passenger.

Fault detection works with iPhone 14 Or later, Apple Watch Series 8 Or later, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)And Apple Watch Super Or later. Learn more about the feature from Apple here.

The passenger involved in the accident confirmed that the feature works with emergency contacts who do not use iPhones. Her parents use Android phones, but Crash Detection can use SMS to share notifications and location while notifying emergency services as well.

Google Pixel 3 and later can do this Provide fault detection features Also, although the feature is not available in all Android phones.


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