‘Inside Out 2’ is a historic animated film in its second weekend at the box office

Saturday morning: Disney/Pixar Inside out 2 It continues to keep the box office alive with what will become a record second weekend for an animated film according to industry sources $98 million+ after 30 million dollars Friday, defeating Illumination/Universal Super Mario Bros movie ($92.3 million). The studios will announce their official numbers later this morning. At this level, some competing distributors believe Inside out 2 It could approach $600 million.

This is the first time since the second weekend of Barbie (July 28-30) reported that the film’s second weekend grossed over $90 million, and Inside out 2Mattel’s sophomore frame even beats Mattel’s American Girl, which grossed $93 million. last year Barbie And Super Mario Bros They were the only films to post second weekends of $90 million+.

It looks like the entire market will reach around $147 million this weekend, which is 35% higher than the same weekend last year.

Boats Rise: Sony Bad Boys: Ride or Die At 3,781 theaters, the third Friday reported $5.3 million, -37% with focus on $18.6 million Third weekend, -45%, with a running total of $146.7 million. The cost of the final game is approximately $180 million per source. Not shabby. Boys are bad for life It finished with $206.3 million.

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Austin Butler and Jodie Comer in The Bikeriders

20th Century Studios

Focus features Cyclists It was booked into 2,665 theaters after A 4 million dollars Friday, B CinemaScore and 73% positive Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak nears $10 million, but between $9.5 million – $9.7 million In third place. It would be nice if the Scorsese-esque bad boy motorcycle movie could hit double digits in 2,665 theaters. When Focus took over marketing from Disney, I heard that the Universal Classics brand wasn’t focused on Austin Butler and Tom Hardy; The film’s Mouse House campaign is built around Jodie Comer (who brilliantly brings an Illinois accent to this film as the tortured wife of brash but sensitive motorcycle gang member Butler). Cyclists It is very popular in the West. Men showed strength at 62%, with half of those who bought tickets being between 18-34 and 32% over 45. Diversity offerings were 60% Caucasian, 22% Latino or Hispanic, 6% Black, and 6% Asian. The highest grossing spot is AMC Burbank with nearly $17K so far.

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vertical Exorcism, Which is running for 18 days, taking advantage of the absence of product before it gets really crowded this summer, has been posted all over 930 thousand dollars Yesterday with A $2 million – $2.2 million It takes seventh place at 2240. The Russell Crowe film earned a D CinemaScore, with a 38% positive rating on PostTrak (eeks) with 58% of men who ventured to purchase tickets, and 64% of the demo 18-34 year olds showing up. The largest showing was 18-24 year olds at 39%. Diversity offerings are 37% Caucasian, 32% Latino and Hispanic, 16% Black and 11% Asian. The film is showing best in the West and Mid-South with New York’s AMC Fresh Meadows the top picture ticket seller at nearly $3,000. The film was financed by Miramax under the Bill Block system.

Regarding what’s happening this weekend:

Magnolia has 1,300 theaters, starring June Squibb, Sundance premiere, Thelma The film revolves around a 93-year-old woman who tracks down a phone scammer. Reviews wins 99% Certified Fresh with 79% RT Audience Score. Early numbers show 700 thousand dollars Yesterday with $1.9 million For the weekend. Good numbers in New York City, Austin and Los Angeles.

Searchlight’s 3-hour absurdist comedy by Yorgos Lanthimos Types of charity Which re-merges it with him Bad things Best Actress Academy Award winner Emma Stone, as well as Willem Dafoe, are looking for a blockbuster movie 80 thousand dollars per its run in five theaters in New York and Los Angeles this weekend — so far, this is the highest screen average year-to-date in 2024 — with expectations 400 thousand dollars after 180 thousand dollars Friday. The film is booked at AMC Lincoln Square, Angelika NYC, AMC Burbank, AMC Grove and Culver City with Lincoln Square the best of the bunch at nearly $60,000. Coming out of Cannes, some critics were cynical about it, yet its Rotten Tomatoes score is a good enough 73% with RT audiences (Bad things 92% new certification and 88% higher (also best). Bad things‘79%!). Although it’s told with different characters across three different stories, there’s an enjoyable thread throughout to keep your cinematic excitement going. Searchlight threw a swanky screening of the film NYC at MOMA on Thursday night with calligraphy artists writing notes on note cards for attendees (a nod to what Jesse Plemons’ character does in the movie), with a man dressed like Plemons’ character in a Nelly turtleneck sweater handing out cards during the after-party.

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Friday evening: Whoever wrote that the theatrical production was finished might want to make a correction like the Disney/Pixar one Inside out 2 It’s likely headed for a historic second weekend for an animated film, topped by Illumination/Universal Super Mario Bros movie$92.3 million.

Rival forecasts expect the Kelsey Mann-directed sequel to hit $95 million, while insiders say $85M – $90M+ after $28 million – $30 million Friday at 4,400 locations. Today even alone would push the sequel to become the highest-grossing film since the beginning of the year Sand Dunes: Part Two Into the Dust ($282.1 million domestic).

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At this level, Inside out 2 Looking to post the best second weekend of any Disney animated release, Best Frozen 2$85.9 million and Incredibles 2$80.3 million.

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Inside out 2 It ended its first week with $254.7 million, and after this weekend its total will rise to $254.7 million. $339.7 million – $344.7 million. Yesterday’s money broke the record Pixar set on Thursday at $19.2 million Find my role ($17.4 million) and Incredibles 2 ($16.3 million). Total global operation of Inside out 2 As of yesterday it is $481.1 million.

Sony Bad Boys: Ride or Die Maintains second place with 16 million dollars-53% in total $144.1 million. This decade is close to Boys are bad for lifeThird weekend by -48%. By Sunday, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be in fourth place, about $4 million behind Boys are bad for life At the same time. Friday’s cume is $4.6 million at 3,781 venues.

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Norman Reedus as the hilarious Sonny in The Bikeriders

Focus features

The third goes to guardianship/focus features Cyclists In 2,641 theaters with A.J $3.8 million Friday including $1.45 million Thursday previews and previews for A.J 9 million dollars Opening. Focus has covered 50% of the $30 million to $40 million production cost and is on the hook for P&A. The Jeff Nichols-directed film is expected to fetch between $8 million and $10 million. Focus took over the film’s distribution thereafter Cyclists It was parked at Disney. The pic is dated the first weekend of December. Disney fumbled with this great sci-fi movie the creator, The Gareth Edwards-directed epic released during the actors’ strike to $40.8 million with Regency leading the way. Cyclists He moved on to the classic Uni label, which released Nichols’ song Loving To the Cannes Film Festival premiere and Oscar-nominated lead actress Ruth Negga. Cyclists It recently received an 82% Rotten Tomatoes rating from critics, and currently has a 77% rating from audiences.

Sony Garfield movie In 3013 theaters witnessing the fifth Friday of $1.3 million And the fifth weekend of 4 million dollars-16% and total operation by Sunday of $85.5 million.

20th Century Studios/Disney Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes In 2,410 theaters 7th Friday is released Million dollarsthe seventh weekend of $3.75 million-32%, and total operation $164.5 million. As mentioned, the Wes Ball-directed remake actually surpasses Matt Reeves’ previous chapter, War for the Planet of the Apes It ended its US/Canada run at $146.88 million.

Russell Crowe in The Exorcism

Russell Crowe in “The Exorcism”

my head

Outside the Top 5 is Vertical Entertainment’s broadest release ever, and it’s a Russell Crowe movie Exorcism, Financed by Miramax, in 2,240 theaters. The film received a critical rating of 32% on Rotten Tomatoes and 50% from the audience. 800 thousand dollars Friday, $1.85 million 3 days per industry estimates. I’ve heard in terms of PIC economics for Vertical, it’s a low threshold, and there’s nothing to lose. I understand that those surveyed thought it was a sequel to the Crowe film from last year; pope exorcist, However, he does not play a priest in this film, but rather a troubled actor.

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