Influential American lawyer serving life sentence for killing his wife and son

Magistrate Clifton Newman sentenced him to two life terms, to run consecutively. “The evidence of guilt is overwhelming,” commented the judge as he read the verdict.

Before announcing the sentence, he spoke at length to Alex Murdock in a calm tone, which was bitter, expressing his incomprehension in the face of the prosecutor’s “duplicity” and lies.

The latter, handcuffed and dressed in a brown prison uniform, again pleaded not guilty. His son Buster was in the room.

Alex Murdock, 54, is accused of stealing large sums of money from his law firm, friends and the son of his housekeeper, and is suspected of shooting relatives to avoid exposure.

If he admitted to these thefts, he never admitted to the double murder, an addiction to expensive opiates intended to make up for bad investments.

According to the lawsuit, he fatally shot his wife, Maggie, 52, and their youngest son, Paul, 22, with two separate guns on June 7, 2021, near a barn on their sprawling property, called Moselle, in Colleton County, South Carolina, where the men wanted to hunt wild hogs. .

The case captivated America, where all the media, including the most extreme, dissected the life of this wealthy family, its three generations of local lawyers and judges, and boasted about the father’s dizzying downfall.

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