Incredible traffic jams on Everest: “There are too many people” | the world

A young mountaineer just back from Everest has warned the Nepali authorities of over-permits and the ridiculous traffic jams this laxity is causing on the roof of the world.

Plan the climb of a lifetime to the highest point on Earth at 8,849 meters above sea level, and get stuck in incredible traffic amid a veritable peloton of mountaineers and local guides. A surreal and ridiculous film that gets a little worse every year at peak season. In such a hostile environment, oxygen is gradually becoming scarcer, and in full effort, there is something to call the situation.

Disappointing and very dangerous experience

A young Mexican mountaineer, Jose Mario de los Santos, is sounding the alarm today. Forced to abandon due to bad weather, he returned from Nepal and gave his first-hand testimony in the newspaper. the world. He did not hide his astonishment at seeing such a crowd on the sides of the highest mountain on the planet. An experience that is not only disappointing, but above all, very dangerous.

Lack of oxygen at very high altitudes

“You wait for hours, it wastes your oxygen. It’s too short, someone might push you and you might fall”, he laments. Almost 8,000 meters (“10 hours, 4 hours more than usual”) to Everest Base Camp No. 4 “At this point, our lives are at stake,” he insists, as he has significantly delayed his arrival, urging the Nepali authorities to issue fewer permits to ease the crowd.

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Over 900 climbers during the season?

“For the 2023 mountaineering season, which ends in early June, Nepal has issued 478 permits to foreign climbers”, notes Le Monde. However, most of them are usually accompanied by a guide. Result: More than 900 people to climb Mt Everest during the season: A sad record…

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