In the Ukrainian army, the Soviet artillery bowed

Regardless of the advantages or disadvantages, the Ukrainian army is in any case forced to abandon its Agatsia 2S3, which Russian defense experts estimate at 200 operational copies due to lack of ammunition.

Like other artillery elements supplied to Ukraine after Ukraine’s independence in 1991, the machine inherited from the Soviet Union operates mainly with 152 mm shells, mainly manufactured in Russia or countries near Moscow.

“The New Standard”

In the past few months, Ukraine’s allies, led by the United States, have distributed more than 220 howitzers of different calibers (155 mm) and about 500,000 rounds of ammunition, according to some guidelines, which enabled Kyiv.Switch to a new standard“The military, according to Pierre Grosser, is supreme.

With Himars systems that can launch highly accurate missiles up to 80 km away, Kyiv has stepped up strikes on Moscow, intensifying strikes against key targets, particularly ammunition depots, behind Russian borders, and putting its logistics at risk.

This was the first time that Russia had lost an artillery battle since World War I.

This was a huge surprise as it was the first time Russia had fallen in an artillery battle since World War I.“, the French researcher underlines.

Ukraine now has “Capable of covering a wider and more accurate field with its artillery“Russia followed massive shelling during this conflict,” confirms Pierre Razoux, academic director of the Mediterranean Foundation for Strategic Studies.

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