In Germany, a 15-year-old boy was convicted of planning an attack

A German judge on Friday sentenced a 15-year-old boy to four years in prison for planning an attack on a Christmas market in the western German city of Leverkusen. Judgment given for other matters, “Conspiracy to Murder” And “Disturbing public order by threatening to commit offences”. According to a spokesman for the Cologne court, the teenager, who has never been convicted, “Full Confession” During the investigation.

The accused, who was arrested at the end of November, was radicalized in autumn 2023, the courts said. His plan was to rent a truck and speed it to one of the Christmas markets in the city of Leverkusen.“Crush as many people as possible”. According to the indictment, a 16-year-old accomplice from Brandenburg (East) was responsible for filming the crime and later publishing the images. He will be tried in July.

Yet according to the same source, the young 15-year-old defendant posted a video on a discussion board in which he reported the alleged assault. “Infidels”. In the background of the video, a symbol identifying Islamic State jihadist fighters was seen.

Many attacks were avoided

In recent months, several police operations in Germany have targeted Islamic circles and, according to officials, managed to avoid several attacks. Three minors were arrested and taken into custody in late March on suspicion of preparing an Islamist-motivated terrorist attack in Germany.

Two Afghan jihadists suspected of planning an attack near the Swedish parliament were arrested in Thuringia (in eastern Germany) in March. At the end of December 2023, three Islamists were arrested on suspicion of planning a New Year’s Eve attack against the Cologne Cathedral. The deadliest jihadist attack on German soil dates back to December 2016: a ram truck attack claimed by the Islamic State group killed 12 people at a Christmas market in central Berlin.

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