“If we had not done so, he would not have survived …”

The E314 highway to the Netherlands was completely blocked at around 5:30 pm on Monday after a truck caught fire near Zenk in Limburg province. A witness told Belang von Limburg that it was the result of an accident following a traffic jam. “One moment you can accelerate, the next moment you have to brake. That’s how the accident happened, ”he explains.

If cars can avoid collisions, this does not apply to two trucks. “The driver of the first truck braked just in time, but the truck followed him. He could not avoid the collision, and the third truck collided with the second truck,” said another witness. As soon as the fire broke out, the cabin of the last truck caught fire. “I ran to the truck to see if I could help. The driver who was involved in the crash came near. We saw the driver was trapped, but we could not open the door. Then the truck driver hurried to his truck to pick up the iron bar. Reached the cabin. The driver was in terrible pain. He cried. But he had no choice but to take it back. If we had not done that, he would not have survived … ”he tells our Flemish colleagues.

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A truly courageous act, which helped save the driver from a horrific death. Daily Hero.

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