If Aaron Rodgers left the Packers for another team, where would he go?

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Last year, it seems Aaron Rodgers Put on the parachute, get on the plane, wait for it to reach altitude, and stand at the open door. Then I decided not to jump.

And so in the year, Rodgers seems to be putting up the parachute again.

In his comments on Tuesday to Pat McAfee and AJ Hook, it became abundantly clear that Rodgers would at least do so. Consider the possibility from playing for another team. And with so many teams potentially looking for new backfield players, we decided to put together a list of potential destinations – if only to cross them out.

Here’s the broadest possible list we could come up with, presented in the order in my mind: AFC then NFC; East, North, South, West.


They are considering their options. Owner Woody Johnson has expressed his willingness to spend on the right player. Will they all go for the 39-year-old quarterback, as they did 15 years ago with then-38-year-old Brett Favre?

Would Rodgers be willing to swap Wisconsin’s wildly friendly border with New York? Jets fans were rolling out the red carpet for him. The moment he slips up, they’ll start booing him louder than ever.


The Dolphins have put together a great offense under Head Coach Mike McDaniel. This made the quarterback Toa Tagovailoa Look well. What would you do for someone like Rodgers?

This is a question for Dolphins fans to consider. Although their fierce loyalty to Tua has sometimes caused them to become delusional about potential limitations to his overall abilities, ardent Dolphins fans should be willing to ask the question of whether the team could be better with a better quarterback.

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Rodgers will be the best quarterback. It could be the difference between hovering around . 500 and making a Super Bowl run.


if Mac Jones Could Rodgers be out? Rodgers pairing up with Bill Belichick would be great. The real question is whether the Patriots will have enough around Rodgers to make him work as both player and team.


If they trade Lamar Jackson, they will need a new quarterback. The easy step would be the lift Tyler Huntley. The toughest move would be to get a quarterback whose presence requires an offensive overhaul.

All things considered, this doesn’t make sense. It would be a very big investment, and a dramatic change.


They have a chance of becoming very good again quickly. strong defense, Derek HenryOh, great boss. Tennessee makes a lot of sense for Rodgers.


Rodgers said Tuesday he doesn’t want to be part of the rebuild. So delete Texas from this list.


It makes sense for Rodgers. It doesn’t make sense for the Colts, who are desperate to break the habit of one-year arrangements with aging quarterbacks, after a year has passed.


Raiders are looking for a new quarterback. Whether Rodgers and coach Josh McDaniels will work well together is going to be a very real question. And if Rodgers’ goal is to win the division, he probably won’t pick the team he has Patrick Mahomes in it.


They plan to move on with Sam Howell. If Rodgers is interested, they’ll have to at least consider that possibility. With the degree of divisional difficulty still going, Rodgers would probably be wise to consider somewhere other than the NFC East.

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Owner David Tepper is always looking for a quarterback for the franchise. And the team is good enough to handle someone like Rodgers on the roster.


Once again, Rodgers doesn’t want to be a part of the rebuilding effort. The hacker suddenly feels like they are stuck in this situation. next one.


This would have been great a year or two ago. Now, it’s almost as if the Saints are at a crossroads too much for Rodgers to pull them off. Also, they’ll have a hard time coming up with the space for the cap to accommodate his knot.


This is intriguing. The Falcons have won more games than anyone could have expected over the past two years. They have some very talented players in skill positions. It is possible that they are about to appear in Competitor mode. Rodgers can get them there.


In April 2021, the 49ers attempted a trade for Rodgers. They have since given up a lot to get by Tri LanceAnd they stumbled upon it Brooke Purdy. If they were to add a veteran at the quarterback position, they would most likely sign Tom Brady.


Gino Smith He wants to stay, and the Seahawks seem to want him. However, if Rodgers hopes to play on the West Coast, that’s probably the closest he’ll come to California — other than heading to Las Vegas.

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