“I will never buy there again”

Last week, Sarah had ordered a fabric sofa from Argos and was glad to see that it had already arrived two days later. But her face changed quickly when she and her husband Greek saw that the two pieces of sofa were in different colors.

A simple misunderstanding?

Assuming this was a mistake, she called the delivery man to arrange the transfer, but was stunned to hear that it was not a mistake and had to be made directly with Arcos. On the phone, it was said that the sofa could be kept intact, returned or paid a difference to upgrade to a different model.

“The deliveryman had just left, so I was very frustrated. I got stuck upstairs in a chair that I did not fit in and was told I could not return it. This is ridiculous. We were told the wrong half was because the gray was not in stock and they could not give us the half we wanted, ”he told our Mirror colleagues.

Never again!

From now on, buying from Argos again is out of the question: “I will never buy from Argos again. We both have Argos membership cards, but we have decided to cancel them and will no longer purchase them. This is a terrible service, it’s funny. Sounds like a big joke. ⁇

On Arcos’ side, we initially withdrew the money and gave him € 55 credit, which he refused. A spokeswoman said: “We are in touch to apologize for the bad experience of Sarah and Greg, which did not meet our standards. We went to get the full refund of the sofa, as well as gestured to show our goodwill. We have also arranged for the recovery of the misplaced, mismatched sofa. ⁇

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