I am not a believer in Coinbase

  • It’s that time again! “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer rings the round bell, which means he gives his answers to stock callers’ questions pretty quickly.

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Chewy stock performance year-to-date.

Chewy: “They spin in a way that makes me feel like they got the numbers right. I’m excited about the fact that they have a debt of making money, too.”

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Performance of enterprise product partners inventory to date.

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Coinbase Global stock performance year-to-date.

Coinbase Global: “I’m not a believer in Coinbase because I don’t like companies fighting fights with the SEC, it’s very tough. The SEC plays with unlimited capital and shouldn’t be messed with.”

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Precious metals stock performance year-to-date.

Triple Flag Precious Metals: “I like this company a lot, I think it’s great, I love precious metals. And by the way Newmont deals, there’s a lot going on in the gold world that I like a lot right now.”

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GSK PLC stock performance year-to-date.

GSK PLC: “I think Dame Emma Walmsley is preparing a very good portfolio of vaccines that will reflect well on the company’s future earnings strength. I would say you can buy GSK.”

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Amgen stock performance year-to-date.

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IONQ Stock Performance YTD.

IONQ: “It’s intriguing, but it loses money, and I remember Jensen Huang first saying to me, ‘Listen, quantum computing is where it’s going to be, but it’s not there yet. “This company is losing too much money for me to be left behind, but I love your sentiments. There will come a time, but not yet.”

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Snowflake stock performance year-to-date.

Snowflake: “Snowflake is kind of renting runway to the cloud, and I think they’re great at that. I’m going to support Frank Slutman, even though the company isn’t making money right now, I’m going to wave my rules and say ‘buy a snowflake.’”

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