‘Hunting in Venice’ scares $1.2M in preview – Deadline

Friday afternoon: 20th Century Studios/Disney Haunting in Venice Looks to do a little better than expected with A.J $5.3 million Friday, including previews, and 3 days from 14 million dollars.

This is a little better start than Death on the Nile River A $12.8 million opening, but not quite as glamorous as 2017 Murder on the Orient Express$28.6 million Among Kenneth Branagh’s adaptations of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. PIC is showing in 3,305 theaters.

Haunting in Venice It’s not really that scary on social media either according to RelishMix with the social media universe across Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok at 79.1 million – 59% below horror and Branagh’s previous Agatha Christie standards. The campaign per RelishMix skews 25+” launches from social network 20th Studios at 44.8 million fans and cross-promoting on Death on the Nile Pages instead of releasing unique official pages for the film.”

Regarding online chatting, RelishMix adds, “Social sharing is on Haunting Before the opening, mixed and positive events take place in this third part, leading to horror. Fans chant: “Do you confuse horror with a Hercule Poirot murder mystery?” let’s see.’ And curious about Tina Fey’s casting, even though it’s on Hulu Murders only in the building. Kenneth Branagh’s ongoing portrayal of Poirot coupled with his transition into horror direction is mixed with curiosity and sentiments from praise to skepticism. Amid the chatter, some point to the subdued cinematography and Agatha Christie’s past disappointments. Oi fi.

Haunting in VeniceEnough to beat New Line’s anticipated second weekend shot Nun 2 In 3,743 theaters, which is an estimated 3,743 theaters 4 million dollars And $12.8 million Second weekend, down -61%, which is the benchmark for a horror film and a ten day total $54.5 million.

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In third place, it’s Sony’s third weekend Equator 3 In 3,528 theaters with the third Friday of $2.1 million3 days $7.3 million-39%, and total operation $73.7 million.

The fourth is Focus Features’ second weekend My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 In 3,678 theaters, which witnesses the second Friday of $1.2 million3 days 4 million dollars-60% for ten days $17.8 million.

Warner Bros. Barbie In its ninth weekend at 3012 marks a Friday 915 thousand dollars3 days $3.6 million-37%, with an operational total of $625.8 million.

Tina Fey and Michelle Yeoh in “Chase in Venice”

20th century

Friday morning: 20th Century Studios Haunting in Venice, Directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh, Afraid $1.2 million In previews. Weekend forecast for the film adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel Halloween He is $12 million+similar to what Branagh took from the author’s opinion Death on the Nile It did in its first weekend last year, $12.8 million.

Comp for the expected deviance for an older female Haunting in Venice Includes 2019 sleep doctor, which grossed $1.4 million on Thursday ahead of a $14 million opening weekend; Russian spy movie Jennifer Lawrence 2018 Red bird ($1.2 million Thursday preview and $17 million opening); And last year Ticket to heaven ($1.1 million preview, $16.5 million opening) and Death on the Nile ($1.1 million previews).

As we mentioned working in Haunting in VeniceIts preference is that it is Branagh’s best-reviewed Hercule Poirot film with a score of 77% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes versus 61% for Murder on the Orient Express And Death on the Nile. The downside is that Haunting Don’t be fooled with stars like killing He was; The only big names here outside of Branagh are Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh and… 30 RockTina Fey.

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Haunting in Venice It could win the weekend if New Line’s Nun 2 It takes a massive tumble deeper than 60%.

Haunting It is booked in 3,305 theaters and also has the benefit of increased Imax and PLF ticket fees. Previews consist of fan screenings for Imax Wednesday as well as showtimes starting at 6pm on Thursday.

Death on the Nile And Murder on the Orient Express It received B CinemaScores, so we’ll see how Branagh’s latest film fares. The third film here, due to its less-star cast, cost $60 million before P&A for Death on the Nile90 million dollars.

“The Nun 2”

Nun 2 It finished its first week in 3,728 theaters $41.7 million after $1.7 million Thursday -15% compared to Wednesday.

Sony Equator 3 At 3965 the second week ends with $16.6 million after 936 thousand dollars Thursday, -14% from Wednesday, bringing the total $66.4 million.

Focus features My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 At 3650 Eeek 1 ends with $13.8 million after 735 thousand dollars Thursday -11%.

Warner Bros Barbie, Booked in 3,281 theaters — and on PVOD and digital sale now — it marked its eighth week of $7.5 million after 390 thousand dollars Thursday, -16% for overall run $622.1 million. This weekend you take charge Avengers ($623.3 million) as the eleventh highest-grossing film of all time at the domestic box office.

Yash Raj Joan Tested on Thursday from 367 thousand dollars-20%, bringing the first week to $8.3 million and total operation $9.7 million.

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