Hundreds of Kilos of Pasta Abandoned in Wooded Area (PHOTOS)

Local newspapers and the New York Times have been reporting on the mystery in recent days, with a walker last week posting photos of several piles on Facebook. Aqueduct in Old Bridge City near Megalopolis, New York.

“15 wheelbarrows” or “several hundred (kg) of uncooked pasta were taken out of their packaging and dumped on the edge of the stream,” a municipal official, Himanshu Shah, confirmed to AFP by email on Friday.

Municipal employees and police were dispatched to the scene after the images circulating on social media were recognized.


A state bordering New York, on the other side of the Hudson River, New Jersey is famous for hosting several communities of European descent, including Americans of Italian descent. About 17% of its population claim Italian ancestry.

This pasta waste, which began to “mould” on the understory, was picked up within an hour, the local police assured the municipality, who promised to investigate.

An old bridge with a population of 65,000 suggests the presence of a restaurant or a giant order.

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