Hospitalized patient disconnects his neighbor: “His ventilator was too loud”

A septuagenarian, fed up with the noise of his neighbour’s oxygen machine, decided to disconnect his neighbour, as reported by Metro media.

The woman unplugged the device twice, the second time with serious consequences. In fact, after amputation, the patient had to be resuscitated by doctors who then took him to intensive care, but he died there due to complications related to lack of oxygen.

A manslaughter

The septuagenarian was later arrested and booked for attempted murder. Police are currently trying to determine the septuagenarian’s responsibility in the tragedy and the circumstances surrounding the death.

Faced with this tragedy, the 41-year-old son of the “killer” expresses his grief to the German media: “My mother couldn’t close her eyes because that oxygen machine was like a tractor. She was exhausted and took medicine. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. But she didn’t want to hurt this girl. It is an act of desperation.

He explains that his mother was always an honest woman: “My mother worked as a cleaner for over 30 years, raised five children and never made a mistake. Now she finds herself in prison, a frail old woman with a serious heart condition.

So the son fears that she will die in jail.

He also apologized to the victim’s family.Deeply sorry and sorry”.

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