Horrific accident kills family of four in Netherlands: Driver drives at 250 km/h while filming himself

UA 33-year-old driver is accused of causing an accident on the A59 near Sprang-Capelle (Netherlands) on March 10 that claimed the lives of a family of four. In the indictment, prosecutors suspect the driver filmed himself on his phone and drove at 250 km/h on the motorway, a Dutch newspaper reported. From the Telegraph.

A family of four, including a 10-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy, died in the accident. The prosecution accuses Thirties of manslaughter.

The driver was driving one of the four cars involved in the accident. He sustained minor injuries. A scan soon after the accident revealed that he had consumed too much alcohol.

The prosecutor alleged that the driver was not paying enough attention to other vehicles and that there was a “huge difference in speed” with the family car that crashed.

The investigation is still ongoing, specifically to analyze the car’s on-board computer, which indicates the driver’s speed and possible braking in the last seconds before the crash. They are also examining the phone of the suspect. Currently, 23 videos have been shot with his phone in the last two years. Thirteen of these were serious traffic violations.

A psychological test will tell if the driver was unconscious at the time of the accident. His attorney assures, “He’s devastated and never wanted this. He argues his client was “braking significantly” before impact, which the attorney denies. “He didn’t let off the accelerator before the video ended. It continued to accelerate until one second before the crash.”

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