‘He was murdered like an animal’: Wagner gang escapee brutally hanged, family say ‘horrified’

“The Traitor Receives the Traditional Wagnerian Punishment”. A video posted on Telegram on Sunday accompanied these words Wagner group Former member reported killed. Last September, Evgueni Anatolievich Nouzhin, 55, left the Russian mercenary force to join Ukrainian troops. The paramilitary group wanted severe punishment.

In the video extract, the man explains the escape and its aftermath. “On November 11, in a street in Kew, I hit my head and lost consciousness. “I woke up in this cellar where I was told they were going to judge me.” Nugin explains. Then a stranger enters the camera’s field of view, and the fugitive is brutally struck with a blow to the temple, only to be finished off by a second blow. The man then lies on the ground, visibly dead.

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On Monday, Evkuny Naujin’s son confirmed with the Guardian that the man in the video was indeed his father. In an interview with the Russian Human Rights Committee Gulaku.netIlya Nouzin said his family learned of his father’s death from Telegram and that it “horrified” them.

“Our whole family broke down in tears after watching the video… He was killed like an animal”Sorry for the son of a former member of Wagner.

According to Le Monde, the video released by the paramilitary group was only intended to “attempt to incite terrorism”.

The head of the Wagner group was Yevkhuni Prigozhin, subject to Western sanctions, approved Sunday’s assassination, calling Naujin a “traitor.” “He betrayed his people, betrayed his comrades, emotionally betrayed“, blamed Vladimir Putin’s ally.”It’s a dog’s death for a dog“, Prigozhin replied again.

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On Monday, the Kremlin meanwhile sought to distance itself from the video. “It’s not our jobs,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

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