Hamas released images of a dead 19-year-old Israeli hostage, though the circumstances of her death remain unclear

For the family of young Noah Marciano, the cruel verdict came on Monday, when Hamas shared images of his dead body. “Killed in an Israeli bombing on November 9., commented the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. In the pictures we don’t want to broadcast, the young woman’s body has a head injury and one of her legs is broken.

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The Israeli military also announced the death of the young woman on Tuesday, confirming her identity and identifying her as a 19-year-old soldier. Despite an effort on the part of the media Newsweek The Israeli military wants to blow to pieces to determine whether the blast actually caused the death: “The terrorist organization Hamas, as it has done in the past, continues to inhumanely use hostage videos and photographs using psychological terror..

Note that Hamas has already released a video of Noah Marciano appearing alive this time. According to Newsweek, the pictures were taken on October 11, and the soldier was surrounded by other hostages. In the video, Noah speaks and says airstrikes are taking place near where he is, but according to US media, it is not clear if the young woman is reading the text read to her.

Noah Marciano’s mother also described her last contact with her daughter, who was at an observation post near Kibbutz Nahal Oz on October 7. That morning, Adi was still able to talk to her daughter: “She told me that she was in a protected area and that there had been an intrusion. She said to end the call. I heard no sights or screams. Half an hour later I sent her a message, but she didn’t respond.

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