Great Chase in Arlon town center this Thursday evening!

“I came near the court in the evening. I saw several police cases leading to the rue des Faubourgs. I had to go to the city center, so I followed the lead of the police,” explains one of our faithful readers. The latter will see a deeply striking scene. “In the middle of the rue des Faubourgs, near the bookstore that bears the name of the street, I found a car that had been in an accident. It was fascinating. Almost nothing was left of the vehicle. The latter seemed to me to be recorded in France. Given the condition of the vehicle, I hope the person being chased by the police did not cause too much damage to the many vehicles on the street. There were dozens of police cars. Before the police asked me to leave I saw them searching for something. »

According to our information, the vehicle stopped by the police belongs to a Frenchman. It would be a drug dealer.

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