Gordon Ramsay says he is “lucky to be here” after a “really bad” bike accident.

Gordon Ramsay It emphasizes the importance of wearing a helmet while… Cycling After revealing that he was involved in an accident last week in… Connecticut.

“I was in a really bad accident, and it really shook me up, and honestly, I’m lucky to be here,” the celebrity chef and “Hell’s Kitchen” star said in a video shared on social media on Saturday.

“Now, out of these amazing surgeons, doctors, nurses and hospital that took care of me this week, they were amazing. But honestly, you have to wear a helmet.

“I don’t care how short the trip is, I don’t care [about] He continued: “The truth is that these helmets cost money, but they are crucial.” “Even with kids, on a short trip, they have to wear a helmet.”

He then noted that he was in pain and that it had been a “rough week” before pulling down his chef coat to reveal a massive bruise on his torso.

Ramsay, who began his “important letter” by commenting on his love for… CyclingAnd triathlonHe linked his call for motorcyclists to wear helmets Father’s Day weekend and asked parents to do their part too.

In a post on his Instagram pageRamsay also showed photos before and after the accident, with the last photo revealing the damage to his helmet.

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He wrote in the caption of his Instagram post that he was “doing well” and had not broken any bones or suffered any serious injuries, adding that his bruise “looks like a purple potato.”

“I am grateful to all the doctors, nurses and staff at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London who took care of me and checked on me, but I am even more grateful for my helmet that saved my life,” Ramsay wrote.

“Have a great Father’s Day and be safe Gx.”


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