Going on a Last Minute Vacation: Is It Really a Good Plan?

Summer vacations have already started, but you might not have booked your stay yet. Some customers like to be called last minute. This reduces supply, but sometimes good deals and bargains are possible. So is it still available abroad and in Belgium?

A sudden desire for escape, sun and relaxation. To survive weeks of bad weather, a network of travel agencies in Belgium is recording an increase in last-minute bookings, up 10% on last year. But does the last minute allow for good deals?

To check this, visit the travel agency. “Here, for example, from 700 euros per person, in a double room, for one week, departure next week.“, says Maxime Hellin, a travel agent.

Half price trip to Costa Blanca, Spain. “It depends on the goal and it depends on the timing“, the agent explains.”But here, it’s still a favorable price in mid-July.

Big reduction is possible

This is not the only last minute offer. Minus 35 stays at minus 50%. “Maybe the hotel got a refund“, says Maxim Helin.”Perhaps the hotelier wants to sell the last of his rooms.

Airplanes, too, we try to fill. But be careful, industry insiders explain to us: Finding attractive last-minute offers is sometimes more complicated than in the past. “You just need a little luck and a good travel agent who will look for good deals for you“, smiles the agent.

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Discounts can also be obtained through the coach.

And in Belgium?

But do you necessarily have to travel abroad to find good deals? Of the 3,000 tourist hotels in Wallonia, some offer last-minute rates. We find many more on this booking site. “A good tip is to contact the accommodation you are looking for to see if there is a reduced, free breakfast option available to you.“, explains Olivier Dalos, director of Visitvalonia.”It can still be done. Some will say yes, some will say no.

But before the negotiation, you should find the accommodation that is still available, because this is the disadvantage of the last minute, very limited choice.

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