Germany: Greta Thunberg taken away by police

He was led away from a protest by two police officers, but was not seen in handcuffs.

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LSwedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was taken away by police in Lützerath on Sunday during a protest against coal mining expansion in Germany, German daily Bild reported.

She was pulled from the protest by two police officers, but was not seen in handcuffs. Greta Thunberg was among the many protesters who took to the site on Saturday. She returned on Sunday and was one of the last protesters to be evicted from the venue.

Police said on Sunday they were almost done evicting climate activists from a German village ordered to be razed to make way for an expansion of a coal mine, with both sides blaming violence. In an operation that began on Wednesday, hundreds of law enforcement officers cleared about 300 militants from the West German village of Lutserath.

The evacuation of these people was initially expected to last for weeks, but only two of them remained underground in the village, they said on Sunday.

The site, which has become a symbol of opposition to fossil fuels, drew thousands of protesters on Saturday, including Greta Thunberg.

The organizers of the movement claimed that 35,000 people had gathered there, while the police estimated their number at 15,000.

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These protested against the expansion of an open-pit lignite mine, so Lützerath, in the Rhine basin between Düsseldorf and Cologne, disappeared, favoring the militants occupying the place.

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