Gerald Dorman’s When 12-year-old France finds out about Lola’s death in shock, she tweets about her fun evening at the theater and insults French.

Gerald Dorman has got social media talking about him this weekend. For good reason, the French interior minister tweeted something that would be considered completely indecent by most internet users.

When the whole of France learned that 12-year-old Lola was found dead in a suitcase, Gerald Dorman took to Twitter to share a fun evening spent at the theater in Paris. “Those who still don’t realize that songwriters are the new poets should hurry to see @JPRouve at the Théâtre Antoine in Paris. It’s the same for everyone else,” the minister posted on the social network.

When the chilling news of Lola’s disappearance and death came out, it shocked more than one. “Indecent. We expect little more from the Home Secretary than a recommendation to go to the cinema. Our thoughts go out to Lola’s parents and family,” one user responded. “A teenage girl was brutally murdered today, but our minister is singing,” wrote another. “A 12-year-old girl is found with her throat slit on a trunk in Paris while the interior minister is happy to applaud @JPRouve at the Antoine Theater in Paris!”, condemned another netizen. “You better take care of this country from your job, we don’t pay you to laugh when the country is like this. LFI protest tomorrow, petrol problem, 2 years since Samuel patty was killed, and a 12 year old girl in a suitcase, you bastard!” commented another internet user.

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Gerald Dorman has yet to speak about Lola’s death, which has rocked France.

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