General strike and demonstrations in Iran: “The revolution started in the universities”

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A general strike continues in Iran, where a large rally is expected in Tehran on Wednesday to mark National Students’ Day. On this occasion, France 24 gathered the testimony of a student on Tuesday, mobilized and convinced that the “revolution” would be thanks to the universities.

Despite the crackdown, which has resulted in thousands of arrests and more than 300 deaths, rallies and general strikes against the Iranian regime are expected to continue on Wednesday, December 7. For the third day in a rowEspecially in universities marking National Students Day.

Iranian youth are leading this ongoing wave of protest Since Mahza Amini died in custody on 16 SeptemberA 22-year-old Kurdish woman was arrested three days ago by the morality police for disobeying the dress code imposed on women.

Because they are on the front lines, the students are under a lot of pressure but want to continue their movement, and one of them agreed to testify anonymously by phone from Tehran.

“Ever since the 80 days since the protests began in Iran, universities and students have been trying to do symbolic actions since day one to amplify this movement, to keep the fire of this revolution alive,” he says.

“The most important part of this revolution is the students, you could even say that the protests started from the universities,” he continues. “Even though security has been tightened in universities, it has failed to pacify students.”

The most important day of the protest movement

Asserting that “the revolution is not organized by a country, a party or a leader,” the young Iranian explains that, as officials say, Students’ Day will be the most important day of the protest movement.

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“We want to come back to our universities because some students have banned them from going to their universities. They have imprisoned the youth because this revolution started in the universities. It will be thanks to them,” he said.

And to conclude: “This Wednesday is very important because people will show solidarity with the students (…). Many will come to support us and this day will be very popular in the country and will be our pillar. Revolution..”

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