Florence Abenas: “We have reached a real turning point in the war in Ukraine”

“Know the war.” With each trip to Ukraine, journalist Florence Abenas notes the consequences Invasion of the country by Russia, Launched on February 24, 2022 in Population. “People don’t have the same faces. She told Pascal Claude. First there are the more obvious signs: one in two men on the street is dressed in fatigues, including those not directly fighting. People started wearing camouflage in unison.”

Economic life changes: “Men’s hairdressers, for example, have closed; As men were ahead, they learned to cut their hair. Even everyday life. Florence Aubenas reports that the small Spear Come to the world, respect Spear, an American missile launcher. Many Ukrainians are giving money to online fundraisers to finance the war. The journalist notes the increase in the number of militant messages: “I believe you can kill as many Russians as possible with my money”, shall we read. On the Russian side, the discourse has also changed: “We are here because we are fighting against OTAN.”

“There is a very visible radicalization, Aubenas analysis. We have come to a real turning point in the war. We never know where this will take us, because nothing is predictable. That is the essence of this war. It evokes old things in Europe. For the first time I turned on my computer in kyiv and wrote words Resistance, trench, mud, I asked myself: What century are we in? I never thought I would take those words out of the history books. But this is a very modern war with fake news, social media and drones playing their part.

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