FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar orders to guarantee safety of female fans after mandatory gynecological examination

A women’s team was mandated in 2020 Mandatory gynecological examination at Doha Airport And it launched a crackdown on Qatari officials this month, ordering Qatar on Sunday to guarantee the safety of female fans at next month’s FIFA World Cup.

In October 2020, Passengers on 10 Qatar Airways flights, including 13 Australians, have complained they were subjected to gynecological examinations.carried out in order to Mother of newborn baby found abandoned in airport bathroom

Two years later, This month five women sued the airline and the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority in Australia.Seeking compensation and damages for emotional distress, the lawyers have requested that the incident not happen again.

This group of brave women was forced to take legal action to show that what happened to Qatar was unacceptable and must not be allowed to happen again.“, lawyer Damien Stursacker told AFP.”Within a month of the World Cup (November 20-December 18, editor’s note), women (traveling to Qatar) have the right to obtain guarantees from Qatar that their human rights will be respected.

A “genuine” apology was given

As the incident took on a diplomatic dimension, the Qatari Prime Minister announced his “A very sincere apology“.

According to documents filed in the Federal Court of Australia earlier this month, the five women were aged between 31 and 73 at the time and were traveling on flight QR908 from Doha to Sydney, Australia.

While their plane was on the tarmac, an announcement in the cabin called for all the women on board to leave the plane with their passports.Uniformed and armed men entered the device“. Four women were stripped in the ambulances and their genitals and one of them had their chest and abdomen forcibly examined.

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All of them reported suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

They accuse Qatar Airways and officials of negligence, assault, assault and battery, forcible confinement and other crimes.

Qatar Airways and the Qatari government did not immediately comment, but officials had previously announced that legal action would be taken against those responsible.

Qatar is an ultra-conservative Muslim monarchy where sexual relations and procreation outside of marriage are punishable by prison terms.

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