FFF chief worried after Pogba affair: “I hope it doesn’t call into question his place in the France team”

Here is the latest case that has rocked French football. With the World Cup fast approaching, controversy has taken over Paul Pogba with his brother Anxiety up to the highest levels of FFF.

For good reason, it also includes other central figures of the Blues, such as Kylian Mbappe. Will the affair destabilize Didier Deschamps’ coalition? Federation President Noel Le Great spoke for RMC Sport. One thing is for sure, he doesn’t hide his anxiety. “At this point, we’re at the beginning of a business.”He expressed hope. “No one has gone to court as far as I know. It’s just rumors at this stage. I love Paul. I hope it doesn’t affect his place in the France team.”

The controversy has been in the news since this weekend. The player told investigators what he found, France Info reported “He was the victim of threats and attempts at extortion.” It would be his brother Mathias and many of the player’s childhood friends, who were especially armed with assault rifles. They came to fight at the Juventus training center. According to the words of the player, individuals demanded 13 million euros from him.

During his 13 years as a professional player, various heroes have ensured the player’s safety. They want to be financially compensated for this work.

Relations between the Pogba brothers have soured for months. Their last public appearance was last March at a party hosted at the Shangri-La in Paris. The purpose of this evening is to introduce Mathias Pogba’s company Golden Score. The professional player likes to advise and help athletes to better prepare for their post-professional careers. Not sure if this case counts as good publicity in this sense.

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