Versace launches a t-shirt to be worn with no rules

Nadja Beschetnikova
February 9, 2018

In 2017 Versace celebrated St. Valentine’s Day with a limited edition “All Love is Love” bracelet.

This year the fashion house is  keenly engaged in celebrating lovers’ festivity again. 
The latest gift collection includes vintage logo t-shirts, available for her, for him, for whoever, as it was presented on Twitter. This a t-shirt to be worn with no rules

The men’s t-shirt can be purchased for $395, the women’s t-shirt is available for $350.

The Valentine’s day campaign features a promotional film, which glorifies diversity and natural look, retreating from the palette that we are accustomed to associate with the style of Versace.
In comparison with the plain last year's video, the new one resembles the trailer of some arthausal romantic movie that would be greeted with applause at any European film festival. 

A 45-second video, directed by Luca Finotti, was released on February 8th. Versace praises youth and freedom, inviting the audience to escape from reality to the fairground. Filmed in the soft pastel colors, spiced with neon lights, the video definitely aims to impress the millennials with this aesthetic. 

Versace’s vintage pink and blue t-shirts, featured in the film, evolve to the visual manifestation of the main idea - all love is love.

Finotti shakes off the dusty stereotypes, full of blood-red roses and champagne, and discovers a modern take on Valentine’s day, that strays from the rules.
In a pulsing tempo, we follow the couples through the fairground, immersing ourselves in this dizzy tale of young love.

Watch the full video below. Do you like the new #VersaceValentine?