Haute Dogs: 9 ways to make your pet really precious!

Nadja Beschetnikova
January 31, 2018

Fashion has gone four-legged!

Humans typically have deep attachments to their dogs. And sometimes these deep feelings can leave a deep hole in their wallets. From time to time, people like to spend exuberant amounts on their dogs to demonstrate their love or affection to their fur-babies. 

Ultrachic and refined clothing for dogs feature cashmere sweaters, branded sunglasses, and collars with precious stones. The world of "canine couture" is celebrated by many fashion houses. Even brands like Hermès, Burberry and Dolce&Gabbana are invading the world of "canine couture" with special pet collections.  

Have a look at our list: from rather low-budget designs to a stunning piece of jewelry with absolutely crazy price.

You could not imagine that someone would pay so much for having a classy dog!

1) Ralph Lauren Skull & Crossbones Dog Sweater

Ralph Lauren is one of the world's famous fashion brand. The name of the brand is coming from Ralph Lauren himself, an American fashion designer.

In the pet fashion world, Ralph Lauren extends its polo brand to Pup fashion line, which includes Ralph Lauren Classic Dog Polo, Ralph Lauren Dual Match Polo, Ralph Lauren Sporty Puffer Vest, and Ralph Lauren Team Polo, just to name a few.

Collection from Ralph Lauren is the best choice if you want to make your dog stylish without spending a fortune.

2) Gucci Dog Baseball Hat

This luxury dog baseball hat includes premium brown leather ear straps and Gucci's red/green trim.

Made in Italy,  this hat is the only way to truly add class to your dog! If you want to withstand competition with your dog, have a look at the latest brand's designs, created for humans.  Gucci celebrates Chinese New Year with a dog-centric capsule collection. Depictions of the Creative Director's pets appear throughout the Cruise 2018 collection in honor of the Chinese calendar's year of the dog.

A classic baseball cap shape in GG Supreme canvas featuring a suede patch with embroidered Boston terrier Bosco can be yours for $ 460. 

3) Temellini Cashmere Sherlock

Veteran designer Giovanna Temellini has worked for more than 25 years in human high fashion. Some of that time she spent working for Armani and Bottega Veneta. But keeping humans elegant apparently lost its appeal for the designer. She has launched a new line of canine couture that has drawn international attention.

As compared to other high-end products for super-elegant canines, a Milan-based brand has reasonable prices. One of the most expensive items is a 100% cashmere Sherlock coat with shirt neck. A decorative pocket on both sides and a martingale on the back give this coat a style boost.

4) Roberto Cavalli Velour suit

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has always been an animal lover. This adoration for pets inspired him to design his own pet collection Roberto Cavalli Pets. True to Cavalli, the collection, designed for small and medium-size dogs, offers such extravagances as satin-trimmed bathrobes, printed silk shorts, velour tracksuits, and puffer and shearling jackets. 

The Robert Cavalli Pets Line is priced from $110 for a t-shirt to $1,000 for a leather carrier. It's also reported that Roberto Cavalli has sold luxurious velour doggy tracksuits for up to $1,200.

Roberto Cavalli with his dog Lupo

5) VIP Les Poochs perfume for dogs

A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future, Coco Chanel once said.

Well, these wise words are now fully applicable to the dogs as well.
An exorbitant price of this 4oz bottle can be easily explained. The outrageously opulent perfume is derived from flower petals of the extremely rare Osmanthus flower and it takes up to two years to grow enough Osmanthus petals to obtain enough oil. Probably now you can stop to train your dog to stay off your bed. Well, cuddling has never been so luxurious before.

6) Antonio Rubio Collection

Anthony Rubio, born and raised in New York, is known around the world as the ‘Master Pet Couturier’. He designs his Pet haute couture true to the motto "the humans are the accessories". 

His work is a clear statement about his inspiration and his personal interpretation.

The creations of Anthony Rubio transfer us into the world where the red carpet path is four-legged. Sophisticated gowns for dogs, like evening dress and matador costumes, are handcrafted with all kinds of luxurious materials and adorned with metallic threads, gilded lace, pearls, and crystals. His collection ranges from about $300 to $10,000.

Anthony Rubio with one of his models

7) Louis Vuitton dog carrier 

No need to say, the price tag to own a piece of Louis Vuitton dog fashion is expensive. But this item surpasses everyone's expectations.

A limited edition luxurious pet accessory was designed by Marc Jacobs specifically for the 'L' Excellence du Savoir-Faire' exhibition at Sotheby's auction house. 

Inside the carrier, there's a lavish zinc dish for food or water.  Beautified with Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram canvas, a bag has a fancy brass S-lock, natural leather handles, and air vents.

 8) Amour, Amour diamond dog collar
$3.2 million

The chandelier-design of this extravagant collar is embellished with 1600 hand-set diamonds, 18-carat white gold and a crocodile leather strap which is meant to provide comfort for your puppy.

Senior Editor of Forbes, Matt Miller calls it “the Bugatti of dog collars”.  The item is still considered as the most expensive dog collar in the world.  If you want to save money, have a look at an 8.5-carat sapphire pendant as blue as the ocean. Amour de la Mer is available for a modest $899,000.

Wearing these collars your pooch will be literally precious!

9) Dog Tiara by Riwin Jirapolsek
$4.2 million 

A young Thai jewelry designer has crafted a tiara for his Maltese dog, Kanune, using precious stones, including 250-carats of emeralds and diamonds, given to him by his mother. Reuters reports that Jirapolsek took almost two months for his effort.

Look at this pooch! The famous line by Jim Moriarty in the BBC Sherlock series would be suitable for the occasion. Honey, you should see me in a crown! 

It's interesting to know that in fact, clothes for dogs were of great importance in the distant past, and it all started not with fashionable silk clothes, but with heavy armor, used in 4-5  century BCE for fighting dogs. The iron vestment not only protected the dog but also gave it a horrendous look.

The early 18th century can be considered as the beginning of a fashionable canine boom. 
English gentlemen and ladies found it indecent to show their pets "naked", so the first bulky capes and hoodies appeared. Of course, the queen of England herself was the legislator of the dog fashion.