German blogger pranks H&M. Again

Nadja Beschetnikova
January 24, 2018

The swedish fashion house had a boisterous start of the year. After H&M had published a promotional photo with a black boy wearing a hoodie with the words "The coolest Monkey in the Jungle", the company had to deal with racism allegations.
A scandal already seemed to lose steam as at the afterparty of the Damir Doma FW18 show at Halle Am Berghian in Berlin one fashion blogger was sighted actually wearing this piece.

'What an insolent guy' one may think. And, wait, was this not a hoodie for kids only?

Please meet Carl Jakob Haupt, the notorious German fashion blogger and co-founder of the popular men fashion blog 'Dandy Diary'.

Mr. Haupt can hardly be classified as a traditional fashion blogger since he is rather famed for his contradictory performances than for his elegant style or luxurious Instagram. For example, he smuggled a streaker into a Dolce & Gabbana Men Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2014 during Milan Fashion Week. Metropol Theater of Milan hardly has seen something like that before. The German blogger made a shot at film art as well as he launched an anti-advertising video about H&M and its collaboration with Alexander Wang. The video showed a textile factory in India, where children supposedly labeled the articles of clothing of the group's new collection. Later the lawyers at H&M have asked to delete both the video and the blog post.
'This collection was not produced in India,' claimed the company.
So it was rather unusual that Mr. Haupt and his 'Dandy Diary' stayed quiet as the entire Internet got wild about H&M in the past weeks.
At the afterparty in Berlin it became clear that he was just waiting for the right moment.

I thought the story would need another twist and wanted to bring the internet discussion to the streets. Also I didn’t want to let H&M off the hook too fast. I’m curious what their reaction will be.

Mr.Haupt explained his reasons in the interview with Highsnobiety.

But behind these benevolent intentions there's a hope for some good opportunities. The hoodie Mr.Haupt wore at the afterparty was just half original.
'Dandy Diary' printed its own pieces on the day the scandal broke out because it was obvious that H&M would pull all sweaters from their stores. The plain green hoodie is actually from H&M, the print is done at the Dandy Diary print shop. Now everyone can order it for only 70 euro.

'H&M would try to forget the story as quickly as possible. But if someone is always running around with such a sweater, the forgetting is of course somewhat difficult', wrote Mr.Haupt on his blog.

Public's reaction at the Damir Doma's backstage was, to Mr.Haupt's amusement, pretty positive. On the side of H&M so far there has been no reaction, so probably the company really does not want to bring up the topic.

The original of the pullover enjoys meanwhile great popularity at the Ebay. One of the hoodies was auctioned for 221 euros, more auctions are still running. Let's see whether creations by Mr.Haupt will be very well-liked by the public as well.