Dolce and Gabbana hired drones for Milan Fashion Week

Nadja Beschetnikova
February 27, 2018

While some models had to walk down the runway with very strange accessories like in the latest Gucci show, the accessories designed by Dolce&Gabbana don’t need models at all.
The renowned Italian brand used drones to present its quilted handbags during the womenswear show at Milan Fashion Week.

Fashion and technology are close like never before. Designers rely on the state-of-the-art developments to provide not only fashionable but highly practical clothes and some fashion shows could compete with TechConnect World Expo when it comes to the amount of innovations.

But to this day the models still remained the focus of fashion show. Dolce&Gabbana renders the whole social media trend in a very original manner. In the world, where we have Instagram models who used the app for career advancement, influencers, who successfully collaborate with big brands, and models like Winnie Harlow, Shaun Ross or Ashley Graham, who shattered the preconceived definition of beauty in fashion, basically everyone is given a chance to shine at the catwalk. So why not drones?

Dolce&Gabbana are known for their mastery of marketing. They always stunned the crowd at their shows with impressive sets and props.
The AW18 collection was meant to pay homage to the baroque Oratorio di Santa Cita church in Palermo, Sicily – island of Dolce’s birth, so the whole show had the remarkable touch of the church iconography. The background of the catwalk was decorated as church facade adorned with massive wall carvings.

Though the show thrilled the audience long before it even started. Signs and announcements in several different languages pleaded multiple times for audience members to turn off their personal Wi-Fis and hotspots. No access to the Instagram account:  sounds like a disaster for all bloggers and fashionistas. The audience was mystified, but after the 45-minute delay, when everyone has reconciled with the need to abandon social networks for a while, the show started.

When the sound of opening music turned to awe and bells chimed, the gates to fashion heavens, emblazoned with the «Fashion Devotion» golden sign, finally opened. But no cherubs flew out. Or at least no traditional ones. A handful of drones hovered above the ramp carrying a handbag each. The drones flattered up like angels of the new era of technology domination. They even did an imitation of the classic modeling as they lined up behind each other and stopped to be admired and photographed.

I wonder, have these drones already said something like «we won't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day!»

Probably, we should expect the emergence of many model agencies that will select such models for fashion shows in the near future, but drones for D&G show were developed by Rhizomatiks Co., a Japanese team of engineers that collaborated with Italian brand to fuse technology and fashion.

Should Gigi and Kaia be worried?

Well, maybe these mechanical newcomers have a perfect shape and can float on air, but you can hardly present clothes elegantly in the same way. Before designers come to an idea to hire humanoid robots, we don’t need to worry about flesh-and-blood models’ career.

Though we can imagine seeing some Topmodels vs. Robots blockbuster soon. First on the screen, and then, who knows, maybe on the catwalk.

After the drones left the stage, fashion show went back to its traditional forms. The rest of collection, inspired by Italian spirit and designed for millennials, was presented by real models. There were high-flash sportswear, hoods with zebra manes, angel wings on an ornate jacket, sequined dresses with cherubs and coats, which could be stolen from the «Young Pope» set.

Dolce&Gabbana let drones invade the high-end fashion, but in 2015, company Betabrand already used drones to model its clothing at Silicon Valley Fashion Week. The event, focused not on luxury goods, but on wearable tech, was slammed by fashion experts.

But what a rapid career for the drones! From the local show straight to Milan Fashion Week!

Photo via Wikipedia Commons