Fallout creator Tim Kaine says he wouldn’t be able to return to the RPG series for any amount of money or power, but he would consider it on one condition.

Tim Kaine, the original creator of Fallout, has been talking about possibly returning to the RPG series, and it all boils down to one basic requirement that has nothing to do with money or power. Rather, he says it would be a “personal question” as to whether the virtual game would be different enough to interest him.

In addition to being a series creator, Cain was a designer on Fallout 1 and 2, but was not involved in subsequent installments of the RPG series. He’s clearly aware that there’s a lot of interest in seeing him return to the industry, as he now has a full video on his YouTube channel discussing exactly that. The short answer? maybeBut it will depend on whether the game plans will be significantly different.

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