Expert: Kate Middleton’s ‘Trooping the Color’ Outing Impacted Health Amid Cancer Battle: Expert

Kate Middleton’s defiant return to the spotlight at Saturday’s Trooping the Color gala has taken a toll on her health, a royal expert said.

The Princess of Wales, 42, looked stunning as she joined the royal family for the King’s birthday celebrations on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the royal fly-by.

But according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the event’s financial toll took a toll on the royal family’s health.

Kate Middleton’s appearance at Trooping the Color last week took a toll on her health, according to a royal expert. AFP via Getty Images

“The Princess has a kind of swan-like quality — she kind of glides on the surface — but underwater, I think she’s often paddling quite frantically,” Nicole said. He told “Entertainment Tonight.”

“I can only imagine that a great deal of preparation, time, effort and energy was spent on Saturday’s game.”

“She’s been on her feet for a long period of time,” she continued. “There was a moment when she was watching the show… and she was offered a seat, which she gratefully accepted.”

Nicole added: “This is just an acknowledgment that she is not as strong and fit as she was before she underwent this treatment.”

The Post has contacted Kensington Palace for comment.

The Princess of Wales, 42, looked stunning as she joined the royal family for the King’s birthday celebrations on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Getty Images

On Saturday, the Princess of Wales delighted fans by appearing alongside husband Prince William and King Charles to watch a traditional military fly-over with her three children.

After the Red Arrows fired through the palace, spraying the colors of the Union Jack behind them, Middleton and her family waved to the crowd below.

Although the mother-of-three is currently undergoing chemotherapy, Nicole noted that Middleton, 42, “looked flawless.”

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According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the physical toll of the event took a toll on the royal family’s health.

“If you didn’t know she was undergoing cancer treatment, you would never have guessed,” she said. “I think a day like Saturday, where you know the eyes of the world are on her, there’s going to be a lot of scrutiny that’s going to take its toll.”

“I think we can probably imagine that maybe she’s had a long break and deserves it after that. I don’t think we can expect to see her in public for a while,” she said, adding that “it’s going to take some healing.”

As for the princess’s decision to attend the ceremony, Nicole said that Middleton made this decision “on her own.”

Middleton announced that she would attend the ceremony the day before. Mike Marsland/WireImage

“There was no pressure on her from anyone. She really wanted to do this,” she said. “She had turned a corner in her treatment…and when she turned that corner, I was told that Tropping was her target.”

“She got signed off by her medical team. She spoke to her father-in-law about attending and to Prince William. “They were fully supportive of her,” the royal expert added. King Charles announced his cancer diagnosis in February.

Middleton appeared at the glitzy military gala in honor of King Charles’ birthday after announcing on Friday that she was well enough to attend.

After her appearance, Nicole said there was “a huge sense of pride” for Princess Catherine.

Princess Catherine looked stunning in a white dress for the occasion. AFP via Getty Images

“I think she felt very much like she needed to be there,” she said. “The children seemed very happy and comfortable having their mother there.

“I think it was important for the Princess of Wales to be there to support her father-in-law, to be there for her family, and to be there for the nation to send a really important message that she’s OK.” “.

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