Everyone cheers as Mark Zuckerberg reveals the feet of virtual reality

Two Meta CEOs jump with their new legs.

screenshot: Meta / Kotaku

FB virtual reality metaverse He is getting a major upgrade. A year after the stumps floated, people came in Horizon worlds Finally they get on their feet. The feature is set to launch sometime in 2023. Please clap.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the feature during Tuesday’s Meta Connect event by coming out in VR on Wood.phase plates as perfect fortnite-Avatar look while a bunch of old legless Horizon worlds Avatars applauded in the audience. In addition to the legs and feet, Zuckerberg’s face and body looked less gorgeous than it did on the inside previous iteration. “I know you’ve been waiting for this,” Zuckerberg said, speaking at length about the most important new feature of virtual reality.

head was dead Roasted again in August After posting a deeply painful and disappointing selfie of his VR avatar posing next to a low-resolution thumbnailthe tower. Follow In a few days With a more lifelike display of his face he said he would come to him horizon In the future.

Mark Zuckerberg stretches his facial muscles in virtual reality.

That feeling when the stock is down 50 percent year over year.
screenshot: Meta / Kotaku

Today’s model is clearly an extension of this early offering, and finally brings the VR platform beyond the likes fire awakening emblem On the Nintendo 3DS, another game that lacks legs. And that was with Meta spending just $10 billion this year on technology. Who knows what another small fortune will bring? If anything can throw your Oculus storefront green, it’s a thriving market for VR footprints. It might sound like we’re being silly here, but know that the live chat along with the virtual audience watching all of this totally exploded when Zuckerberg started talking feet.

The digital audience at Meta Connect, where Mark Zuckerberg unveils his latest VR innovation: the feet.

picture: Meta / Facebook

Zuckerberg said that more customizable and customizable models will begin rolling out next year. The leg update will be part of a company-wide push to make sure people’s avatars, from their facial expressions to their clothing, are available in other parts of the Oculus platform as well. Interoperability – the idea of ​​user objects and the appearance that follows them from one virtual reality to another – is a major challenge for companies aspiring to create a so-called “metaverse”. Zuckerberg spent several other points during today’s Meta Connect talking about collaborating with other companies to make this possible, including Microsoft, whose team meetings and other productivity tools will be integrated with Oculus VR. It also really emphasized that the legs were stiff, guys, which is why it took so long to blend in.

Even without smooth movement from one part of the Oculus platform to the next, at least for now horizon The avatar can play soccer. Meta announces Game Pass It was coming to VR today. Can switch sports It will arrive someday, too. This will be one way to convince the Meta employees to actually use horizon.

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