EU discusses energy sanctions as Italy seizes Russian F1 driver’s villa

Marina Ovsyannikova, a Russian journalist who ran on the set of an evening news program on Russian state television holding a poster denounce warjoined the German daily newspaper Die Welt as a freelance reporter.

Axel Springer SE, the German conglomerate that owns Die Welt, said Monday that Ms Ovsyannikova will report for the media brand, including from Ukraine and Russia, and write for the newspaper as well as contribute to television coverage.

Ms Ovsyannikova confirmed later on Monday that she would be working for Die Welt from Moscow but said she would not accept payment from the outlet for her work to avoid being labeled a “foreign agent” by Russian authorities.

“Unfortunately, I participated in the creation of Kremlin propaganda for so many years that I now want to do everything in my power to break it. And stop the war,” she said in an interview. “When people die, money is not important at all; the moral aspects become more important.”

Last month, Ms. Ovsyannikova ran on the set of the evening news program on Channel One of Russian state television, holding a poster that read: “No to war. Stop war. Don’t believe the propaganda. They are lying to you here. Russians are against war.” “Stop the war, no war,” she yelled before the camera went off.

It was then handed over to the police. Ms. Ovsyannikova was released from prison and fined approximately $280 By a Moscow court because of a video she posted explaining her actions.

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