Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt meets Pope Francis: “When you are in his presence, the Vatican disappears”

This Wednesday, Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt was the guest of the RTL Information Signatures. The acclaimed novelist spoke about his latest book, “The Challenge of Jerusalem,” which chronicles his travels to Israel and Palestine. It was Pope Francis who asked for this pilgrimage to be made into a book. And a work done by the Holy Father. “I get this phone call: ‘We love your books, we love your faith and the free way you express it. I think that’s completely in line with the spirit of what Pope Francis wants to do. He chose himself that the Church did not want to have the Church as its object, but that it had the Gospels and Christianity as its object.“, explains the author.

This is why, according to the novelist, the Pope turns to those who have a deep relationship with Christianity and the Gospel, which is the case of Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt.

The author then discussed his meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. An unforgettable memory. From this moment he maintained the distinction between the palatial palace of the Vatican and the papal lordship.This simple man who hates everything around him“.”He is truly the pope of the poor“, he adds.”When you are in his presence, the Vatican fades away.”

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