Éric Dupond-Moretti is called to order in the assembly, he loses his words: “God but she broke him…”

The reason? After a tense debate on a bill proposing stiffer penalties for housing squatting, Valerie Rabald, who presided over the session, called on the Seals Keeper, who wanted to protect a former colleague, to order: “Ms. Kayuks and Mr.“, he began on the hemicycle. This first question earned him the first clue. Eric DuPont-Moretti, displeased by this refusal, continued the discussion, and then the leader of the session explained to him: “I told Mr. Bikkumal that I don’t have to do a personal investigation with them… so I enforced the rules and that’s not for you to do, thank you.“.

So the minister remained silent, not knowing what to say, his face began to express a certain “shock”. Netizens took the opportunity to poke fun at this on Twitter: “Haha, DuPont-Moretti’s face. We wonder if what annoys him so much hurts his ego, his sense of power and extreme pride, or if he’s quietly getting his nose picked by a woman.“,”God but she broke it. He must boil so much inside” or “In jargon, it is called a lampshade head“, Can we study specifically in social networks?

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