Erdogan, Kilicdaroglu clash in Turkish presidential election: “If people take us to the second round, we will respect it”

But figures have been circulating within party cadres and major TV channels for hours. They come from the High Election Commission (YSK), which administers and controls elections in Turkey. With 44% of the ballot boxes counted, these figures indicate that Kilicdaroglu would have received 47.45% of the votes to Erdogan’s 46.77%.

We are in the lead”, the opposition leader tweeted later, denying the first results provided by the official Anadolu Agency. One of his right-hand men, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, speaks at party headquarters.Under the name of Kemal Klisadarogluis called “,”Citizens should ignore the figures provided by Anadolu”.

We don’t trust Anatoly“He said on Sunday, criticizing a journalistic organization that he believed to be”Life support from 2019” and that “Lost all respect”. A reference to power over mainstream Turkish media.

According to Anadolu, at around 7:30 this Monday morning, Mr. who has been in power for twenty years. Erdogan, after approximately 99% of the ballot boxes are counted, will receive 49.35% of the vote, against 45%. . A third candidate, Sinan Ogan, will get 5.22% of the vote.

An advantage for Erdogan was expected by experts during the first results, because these come from rural areas, especially from central Anatolia, where the incumbent president always has more supporters. Big cities – including the metropolis of Istanbul with sixteen million people – are more favorable to Republicans. However, not all ballot boxes were counted there. The AKP opposes some of the decisions.

If no candidate receives 50%, a second round will be organized on May 28, a first in the history of the Republic of Turkey. A third candidate, Sinan Ogan, could be the kingmaker. He is a former member of the MHP, an ultranationalist party forming a coalition with Erdogan. So he mr. It is possible to support Erdogan.

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Erdogan says he is ready for a second round

“Though the results are not out yet, we are clearly ahead“In front of a wave of supporters gathered in Ankara in the heart of the night (02:30 local, 01:30 HB) he began: “We respect this election and we will respect the next election,” he said. He promised. “We still don’t know if the election is over with this first round but we will appreciate it if people take us to the second round.“.

Whatever the outcome, 27 million people wanted to vote for us“, noted his opponent, Kemal Klisadaroglu, as counting proceedings continued.”I think we will end this election with more than 50% votes. He insisted on votes. “People have chosen stability and security in this presidential electionMr. Erdogan claimed a “majority” of 600 seats in parliament for the national coalition he formed between his party, the AKP, and smaller nationalist and Islamist parties.

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