Elon Musk is firing cleaners on Twitter, and is reportedly forcing employees to bring their own toilet paper

CEO of Twitter Elon Musk He cuts costs at his struggling new company to the core, even firing the janitors, forcing some employees to bring their own toilet paper.

Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters — and corporate office in Seattle — are getting bigger. Smelly and gross After Musk boasted that he was “cutting costs like crazy”.

Workers are now crowding two floors at Twitter headquarters after four more floors were closed and eating moldy food doesn’t help.

“The smell of leftover food eaten outside and body odor lingers on the floors… the bathrooms are dirty” and with the cleaners gone “some workers have resorted to bringing rolls of toilet paper from home” New York times reported Thursday, citing staff accounts.

Musk suddenly canceled cleaning services at the beginning of this month at the headquarters, NBC News mentioned. The cleaners said they were shut down without warning a few weeks before the holiday after they sought better pay and company Finished cleaning contract.

One concierge, who said BBC He worked at Twitter for 10 years, he said he was Narrated by Musk’s team that eventually his job wouldn’t even exist because robots would replace human cleaners.

But the robots have not yet appeared.

While the cutbacks in guarding could seriously affect the remaining workers for the time being, Musk has also shut down the servers running a critical data center in Sacramento, according to the Times. Reportedly, Twitter simply stopped paying millions of dollars in rent and for various services.

It appears Musk had to take drastic action to save the ailing operation. Speaking to Twitter Spaces on Dec. 20, he described the company as “basically…a plane Head towards the ground at high speed With the engines on fire and the controls not working.”

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