Dribble Handoff: Hunter Dickinson and Tylor Perry are among college basketball’s most influential turnovers

The college basketball transfer portal has not officially closed since alumni transfers can still enter and qualify for next season. But with the May 11 deadline passed for non-grads to enter and play next season, the gate season has slowed dramatically.

A few players are in the portal and are exploring NBA Draft At one time, Creighton forward Arthur Kaloma and Julian Phillips represented the Tennessee winger. Then, there’s the case of former North Carolina guard Caleb Love, who initially committed to Michigan but returned to the market after complications with admissions prevented him from joining the Wolverines.

But, by and large, the big-name transfers have stuck with their new schools. Among the 50 players in CBS Sports Transfer Ratings41 committed, including each of the top 10. These rankings are just one writer’s view, however, and do not represent a collective view of the players who will be most influential next season.

So, for this week’s edition of Dribble Handoff, our writers discuss the most impactful transfer of the offseason. Since former Michigan and future Kansas center Hunter Dickinson is a fairly obvious choice, we delegated to our team to bend the criteria by any means necessary to come up with different answers to the question.

Hunter Dickinson, Kansas

I realize we’re mandated to “bend standards” to make a variety of answers work here, but the obvious answer to the question at hand is Hunter Dickinson, a statistic beast and former All-American who should star for the team that ranked in the Top 25 and 1. Except Injuries, of course, there’s no logical way to think Dickinson wouldn’t be great at KU while playing for a coach at Bill Self who understands better than most, if not better than all. , How to maximize the traditional characters.

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Did Dickinson average 18.5 points and 9.0 rebounds like he did last season at Michigan?

maybe. Maybe not.

Either way, he’s likely a scorer and rebounder for a team that looks good enough on paper to help Self Secure what could be a third national championship. In fact, if someone posts current odds on the favorite to be Final Four 2024 Most Valuable Player, I think Dickinson should be at the top of the list. – Gary Parish

Cobb has Nimbard secured sixth place on his senior transfer plate, but it wouldn’t shock me in the least if we logged into college hoops on Valentine’s Day and saw Nimbard as the most valuable new face in a new place. Consider loser Drew Timme Gonzaga (one of the top three players in the program’s history) as well as Racer Bolton and Hunter Sales. And it looks like Julian Strother will keep his name in the draft, too, given the possibility of him hearing his name pick. All of these departures set up Gonzaga to have one of the least high profile seasons in recent memory.

Nimbard comes in to change calculus. It came as a surprise to see him leave Creighton, but it makes sense in a larger scheme. After all, Gonzaga is where big brother Andrew went after moving from Florida. Now he is in NBA. Ryan is looking for a similar path. He’s a great college point guard, and I expect a base lineman along the lines of 15.0 points, 5.0 assists, 4.0 rebounds on better than 45% shooting. This would be his best season, statistically, to date. It would also go a long way to keep Gonzaga in the top 10-15 landscaper for next season. Matt Norlander

Under head coach Jerome Tang, the small but tough guard Marquis Noel has turned into a Big 12 star. Taylor Perry emerges next in line to inherit the throne in Manhattan, Kansas. With Nowell gone, he’s stepping into a spot at K-State where he’ll be calling for touchdowns right away. Conference USA Player of the Year averaged 17.3 points and 2.1 assists per game while hitting 41.3% of his 3s last season, jumping into the toughest league in college hoops shouldn’t be a problem for him as he aims to catch status. He was suspended as one of the hidden stars of the sport (but not for long). – Kyle Boone

In his first several weeks on the job, new St. John’s coach Rick Pitino has secured commitments from a lot of *players* for the 2023-24 roster. But the Red Storm didn’t have any credited men until Dingle announced his commitment to the Red Storm on May 12 after three standout seasons at Penn. The 6-foot-3 guard won the Ivy League Most Valuable Player award while averaging 23.4 points per game for a good team. Dingle is incredibly effective for a high-volume player and has a proven track record of doing well from Penn games against top opponents.

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In the grand scheme of the sport, someone like Dickinson is likely to make a bigger national impact next season simply because Kansas is more likely to contend for a national title than St. John’s. But the Jihawks would probably be elite even without Dickinson. For St. John’s, taking down Dingle could end up being the difference between the NIT and the NCAA Tournament.

There are countless moving parts in St. John’s, and establishing an offensive hierarchy is no easy feat with so many moves. But Dingle looks like the kind of player who can carry a heavy offensive load and help make St. John’s a national match during Pitino’s first season in the Big East. – David Cobb

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