Donald Trump’s new slogan has already been mocked and derided by his opponents

Donald Trump launched his race for the White House on Tuesday. “I declare to contest the presidential election”The 76-year-old former president said to thunderous applause from well-wishers gathered in the grand reception hall of his lavish home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

To restore the pride and glory of America, I declare my candidacy for President.” said the former president. This will not be my campaign, this will be our campaign“, he assured all the activists present. The former president thus revived his 2016 slogan “Make America Great Again” as “Make America Great and Glorious Again”, abbreviated MAGAGA. The acronym is very funny for the Internet. Users because it is in Finnish. Meaning “grandmother.” The reactions were many and swift.

‘Makaka’ means ‘grandmother’ in Finnish“, one user wrote on Twitter.”Is Trump saying ‘Lady Gaga is our mother’?“, asks another jokingly.”Trump’s new ‘Magaka’ slogan immediately made me think of this brilliant Simpsons joke “,” ‘MAGA’ becoming ‘MAGAGA’ is the worst Pokemon evolution ever”Others joke.

Others see a brief resemblance to the biblical symbol of the Apocalypse, “Magog.” “I wonder if any of the QAnon members have noticed that #MAGAGA bears an uncanny resemblance to Magog, one of the evil world powers mentioned in the Book of Revelation.“, asks one user.

Trump used his candidacy announcement to his advantage, criticizing his successor’s record.“Joe Biden Exposes the Left’s Failures and Washington’s Corruption”, he announced. He also condemned “The once blood-drenched streets of our great cities are cesspools of violent crime.”Before promising that “Restore and Protect America’s Borders”.

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