Doctors give them ‘no chance of survival’: World’s largest premature babies celebrate their first birthdays

Canadian twins who were born prematurely and were told by doctors that they had no chance of survival have celebrated their first birthday and set a new Guinness World Record. Girl and boy, Adiah and Adrial, born on March 4, 2022, after 22 weeks of pregnancy, broke previous records for twins and were the lightest twins at birth, with Adiah weighing 330 grams and Adrial 420 grams. A statement was issued on Saturday.

Then the doctors gaveNo chance of survival“Told the parents to the Guinness Book of World Records for two small children.
Hospitalized when I started having contractions, I refused to keep the babies alive and left them practically dead.“said their mother, Shakina Rajendram. While she was on her second day in labor, the Guinness World Record underscored the fact that doctors told the parents that if the babies had been born minutes before the 22nd week, they would not have received care.

Most hospitals do not attempt to save babies born before 24 to 26 weeks. Despite heavy bleeding, the mum says she tried her best to “hold the babies” for a few more hours at 21 weeks and six days pregnant. Her water finally broke between 15 minutes and two hours after midnight.Both twins were born and successfully resuscitated“.

A photo released by Guinness shows the two one-year-olds near the world record certificate. Young Adia looks surprised, her mouth wide open, and her brother Adriel is very thoughtful. A very different portrait from one taken at birth, when newborn babies are very thin and their skin is transparent.

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The twins had to stay in the hospital for six months and survived several complications, including cerebral hemorrhage and sepsis.

Today, little Adiya has already gained at least 18 times her birth weight, her mother says. “She is a very happy and social child and she is always smiling.“, adds Shakina Rajendra.”She is very talkative and can chat for hours with us and her toys.

Adriel has had to be sent back to the emergency room twice because of infections and breathing problems, but his mother points out that his condition is “improving.”Observant, attentive and intelligent“.

The previous record was set in 2018 by twins from the US state of Iowa, who were born a day later than Adia and Adriel.

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