Dmitry Muradov on the war in Ukraine: “I do not rule out the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons”

“For two weeks, we have been hearing on our televisions that the nuclear pits should be opened,” the Nobel Peace Prize winner told reporters in Geneva.

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LRussian journalist and Nobel Peace Prize winner 2021 Dmitry Muradov on Tuesday condemned Russia’s campaign to incite the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, which could lead to “an end to humanity” rather than an end to the war. Muradov told reporters in Geneva that he would not rule out the possibility of nuclear weapons being used.

The Kremlin said it was keeping its nuclear forces on high alert shortly after occupying Ukraine on February 24.

Faced with Western support for Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the possibility of Russia maintaining tactical nuclear weapons, which could be used to force an enemy to retreat according to Russian military theory.

Speaking at the World Press Freedom Day event, Muradov said the Novaya Gazette newspaper had been forced to suspend publication amid Russian military intervention, saying the Kremlin’s campaigners were trying to make the use of nuclear weapons more acceptable to Russian public opinion.

“Already for two weeks, we have been hearing on our televisions that the nuclear pits should be opened,” he added. “We also hear that these deadly weapons must be used if arms supplies to Ukraine continue.”

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Contrary to propaganda claims, he insisted that the deployment of such weapons “does not signal the end of the war.” But, “this will be the end of humanity,” he said. Mr. According to Murado, Mr. Putin’s “absolute, unrestrained” power is the most frightening thing in Russia today.

If the Kremlin master decides to use nuclear weapons, he added, “no one can stop that decision … not parliament, not civil society, not the public.”

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