Didier Eribon: ‘Old people have no right to speak in our society’

According to the philosopher, this exclusion of old age is a reflection of a certain state of mind: “I amPhilosophy is always written from the point of view of the healthy. Its concepts of rebellion or disobedience, for example, do not accommodate the elderly. Elders should be given more space in philosophical thinking“.

Time and space disappear in a nursing home. How to live if these fundamental dimensions of human existence are destroyed?When you can’t move from bed, space shrinks to nothing. What to think in this situation? How do you position yourself in the future? Time is abolished and it becomes inaccessible. Defining human existence is thus increasingly reduced. In this case, everything was closed to my mother“.

Aging is something that cannot be imagined.

Didier Eribon, Philosopher

The problem is that aging is not a real problem in our lives. When you turn twenty, you don’t think about old age. When it comes to old age, we don’t want to show interest in it. And when you reach a great age, you can’t think about it. Aging is a kind of unthinkable thing.

The reason, according to him, We must strive”Not to say that this question needs to be resolved, but to say that it is an important issue of society for political leaders, trade unions and associations.

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