Did Vladimir Putin stage his meeting with angry Russian mothers?

Many women have heard in recent weeks about the death of their sons and the constant departure from the war. This is why the Russian President had decided to give them a meeting to share their pain and extend his support to them.

But this meeting, intended to be touching and sincere, is really nothing more than a stage.

In particular, with the help of a military historian, the head of the Action Resilience Institute and a lawyer at the Marseille bar, it was possible to identify several women who were with Vladimir Putin this Friday.

In fact, Cedric Moss establishes several links on his Twitter account, which has been noted by many activists and media outlets such as the New York Times.

Real mothers are not invited

Olga Sukhanova, head of the Council of Mothers and Wives, a large grassroots organization of parents of Russian veterans, said in a press release Friday that none of the organization’s mothers had been invited, although they had called for the hearing.

“Who is our president? Is he a man who hides behind special services and runs away from women or something”, she fumed. He also admitted that he and some members of the group were being monitored.

Recurring actresses

Some of the “mothers” are even returning faces during Vladimir Putin’s “publicity stunts.”

Nadezhda Uzunova, head of the Kremlin-funded pro-Kremlin and pro-war association known as the Brotherhood of Fighters, was present during the meeting. But the latter was not his first attempt: he was spotted behind the Russian president during celebrations following Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territories.

Fake mothers, real politicians

Other Russian “mothers” have been identified as having higher political profiles, including Olga Belsteva, an elected official from Moscow. He is a member of Vladimir Putin’s so-called “United Russia” party.

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Sitting to the right of the Russian president is a cousin of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a close friend of Vladimir Putin.

We also see former Duma candidate Yulia Belekova in the Russian President’s party.

Fake wires?

A woman among the guests shows the audience a portrait of her son, explaining that the latter sacrificed himself heroically against the “Ukrainian Nazis”. But, as Cedric Moss demonstrates, the soldier in question was actually a member of a separatist militia who died in 2019 at a hospital in Luhansk. These facts directly contradict the woman’s account of her son dying on the front lines.

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