Destiny has been banned from Twitch indefinitely

Twitch Streamer Destiny has been banned from the platform indefinitely due to “hateful behaviour”. Twitch has largely avoided banning some of the huge banners for a long period of time, but it looks like Destiny has crossed the line. in 2020, Dr Disrespect has been permanently banned from Twitch. It remains unclear why Dr Disrespect was banned, but since he was the face of Twitch at the time, he made it clear that Twitch was willing to pull the plug on some channels if it felt necessary. it was there Temporary suspension of other large broadcastersBut it is rare for them to be issued a permanent ban.

Destiny is the latest Twitch live streamer to impose a massive ban, but this time, it’s not so mysterious. was a streamer Banned for ‘obnoxious behaviour’ And while Twitch didn’t specifically specify what it said across the border, People on Twitter have made anti-transgender comments from his currents. Destiny has been a controversial figure on Twitch for some time and this isn’t the first time Twitch has penalized him for content in his streams. It is currently unclear if Twitch will ever resume its ban or if it will join the likes of Dr Disrespect on YouTube or another platform.

While the fact that Twitch isn’t more transparent with the moments that led to the ban is a little disappointing, it shows that the platform is willing to hold the top players responsible. Fate had about 700,000, which is no small matter. Although there were larger broadcasters on the platform, Destiny often argued with other broadcasters, including political commentator Hassan Abi. This allowed him to collaborate with the biggest streamers, but that probably won’t be possible anymore with this Twitch ban. The likes of Dr Disrespect have been banned from appearing live with other Twitch shows and it seems likely that the same will apply to Destiny after this ban.

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