‘Destiny 2’ knows the Titans are bad, they’re going to make them better, and they’re going to keep adding to the Prismatic

Well, I just wrote that Bungie needs to buff Titans in Destiny 2, reflecting a shared sentiment in the community that they’re not powerful enough in the Final Form/Edge of Salvation/Prismatic era, and now Bungie has responded.

That was during a Fire team chat Interview (trans Gym Post) Combat Zone Commander Benjamin Womack was asked a question about the Titans, and he said they’re already working on things:


“I’m not going to lie, we’re talking about Titans a lot internally now, and looking at what’s not just prismatic at all. Weighing it all together, we’re definitely not done touching prismatic at all.

This led to a larger point about Prismatic, which is that they will continue to add and change things over time:

“We want to keep adding to Prismatic. It’s something that will be just as important as adding to the other subclasses. It’s like the right timing and right project alignment on different parts. Which part of the game needs your attention the most?”


For the Titans specifically, there are old, but also new, ways in which fans can help:

  • Buffs obviously have the traditional value of the subclass, as we’ve always seen, and in this case, they can be for aspects that are also used in Prismatic.
  • Swapping or adding aspects to Prismatic, as I can already imagine that Void and Strand aspects would be better off with alternatives than what we’re seeing now.
  • Added more options to exotic class item perks. The Titans don’t get a number of exotic perks that might have been a game-changer for Manchurian Synergy, and instead have a bunch of lesser perks.
  • A lot of the Titan class’s exotic abilities are based on Barricade, not the available Thruster, which is a very popular choice for the class. That can be a big change.

It seems like Bungie’s plan is to not only balance Manchurian, but actually add to it, as they say, which means new aspects and parts, in particular meaning there will be more than one racial subclass aspect per class in the future. That would be very beneficial, for the Giants in particular. However, you might understand why Prismatic is more difficult to balance than any other subclass, given the huge amount of originally unintended combos and dual exotic perks on top of that.

I certainly hope Titan buffs come along sooner rather than later, as although I’m enjoying the only good thing about my current build, which is the weird missile box, everything else clearly needs a lot of work.


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