Delivery of planes to Ukraine: Macron sets his conditions

“This is according to the demands that have been made, but not according to the running rumours,” the French head of state underlined.

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RNothing is prohibited in principle,” Emmanuel Macron responded cautiously, questioning the hypothesis of sending warplanes to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion on Monday in The Hague.

The French president underlined the “criteria” before any decision: the “request” made by Ukraine, which “should not be high” and “is unlikely to touch Russian soil, but to help the resistance effort and “it will not come to weaken. Capability of the French Army”.

“By definition, nothing is excluded,” he said, while stressing that the Ukrainians “did not make this request today.”

However, “it is in light of these three criteria that we continue to look on a case-by-case basis,” he said, after Leclerc laid out the same criteria for the delivery of tanks.

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“It will be made according to requests but not according to rumours,” the French head of state underlined, as Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov was expected in Paris on Tuesday. Talking to his counterpart Sébastien Lecorne.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte insisted that his role was “no obstacle, but it would be a big step”.

The Netherlands has not yet received a request to this effect from Kyiv, he said, adding that he recognized the criteria set by his French counterpart.

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