Dead Island 2 – 14 minutes of gameplay

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studios released a 14-minute extended gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2.

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Today’s extended gameplay video kicks off the event at the start Dead Island 2 In Bel Air, Los Angeles.

Armed with an array of weapons, each with its own unique brutal fighting style and endless opportunities for upgrades, watch as killer Danny meets standard zombies (Walkers, Shamblers, Runners), various zombies (Grenadiers), and Apex Zombies (excessively mutated zombies). Each one has its own terrifying powers and behaviors.

Starring in the video is killer Danny, who hails from the mosh pits in County Cork, Ireland. Danny’s unique killer build – tenacious yet balanced – is well suited to his agile fighting style. Her mission in this trailer? to try to get to Hotel Halperin.

Players will also see how making use of curve balls and combining a powerful array of skill cards – which boost abilities and create unique player builds – aids Danny as she hacks and makes her way through HELL-A’s starting areas.

Dambuster Studios’ dismemberment technology — better known as FLESH (Full Evisceration System for Humans) — means cracking bones, slicing zombies, and melting flesh has never looked or felt so satisfying.

As an assassin who is infected but somehow immune, players will finally witness what happens when your chosen assassin activates damaged DNA and triggers rage mode.

Dead Island 2 It is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games Store On April 21st.

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Watch the trailer below.

Extended gameplay trailer

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