Day 1 records record $53 million opening

Updated, Saturday morning: Updated for more analysis and chart A new take with a new crew and a new director, except for the aliens. Quiet Place: Day OneDeafening Its $40 Million+ Expectations With A Franchise Record Opening Weekend 53 million dollars And a day $22.5 millionLast night, box office analysts saw both. Quiet Place: Day One Disney/Pixar’s third weekend Inside Out 2 Fighting for first place. This long battle between big-eared aliens and teenage emotions will continue all day long. Disney is planning a huge swing for the third weekend of Inside out 2 between $55 million – $59 million.

While this doesn’t seem like a close call at the box office this weekend, other industry accounts reflect that. More to come.

While Disney/Pixar Inside out 2 registered $17.1 million Yesterday, it was the exact same amount of cash. Toy Story 4The total returns on Friday, June 28 in 2019 (I realize it was the second Friday of Part 4), some not counting that the studio got a 35% increase today compared to yesterday. The reason is that as kids get out of school, family movie watching traffic shifts to weekdays, so pop music on Saturdays is not as strong. Inside Out 2 It is already up 14% during the day on Friday this morning and will end the day up in the 20th percentile. The third Saturday of the Pixar film Untamed: While Incredibles 23rd Saturday to Friday was +31% during pre-Covid 2018 period, racist It was only +22% and Light year +18% after the pandemic.

The audience clearly wanted to see this. A quiet place Third time around. Why? It’s a whole new take on the universe they love. Moviegoers were also clearly excited to get out this weekend, eager to see the film in the best possible format, meaning Imax and PLF account for 41% of ticket sales so far. Never mind the B+ CinemaScore, which is the same as the first film. Genre audiences are always tough. On Screen Engine/Comscore, audiences go out, Quiet Place: Day One The film gets four stars. It is attended by a hugely diverse audience of 35% Caucasian, 32% Latino and Hispanic, 20% Black, 10% Asian, and 4% Native American/Other.

Distribution deal for Kevin Costner’s film with New Line Horizon My bank $4.1 million Yesterday, which was $100,000 less than the $4.2 million first day of his 2003 Western. Open field. By the way, this movie was released in mid-August. This spells to estimate $11.3 million Opening in the West with Costner investing $50 million+ of his own money to film the entire franchise cost north of $100 million. No, it’s not a great start in terms of the film’s cost, but it’s depth at the box office for the show. They don’t complain. Plus, the film attracts a 55% older audience (47%), the largest quartet ever for a film. At a time when movie theaters need more movies than streaming companies, bravo to Costner for betting on himself in an attempt to cash in on his fortunes. Yellowstone Audiences flocked to the complex. However, moviegoers aren’t entirely happy with the 3-hour actioner, with a B-CinemaScore of 69% positive on PostTrak and three stars. That was the early word of mouth from some major media outlets. Horizon It was like a mini-series. This is a different outcome than Open field Which earned an A- CinemaScore, and had a slightly shorter runtime at 2 hours and 19 minutes. Eh. And that’s going to take a toll on how many people are rushing to see it. Horizon: An American Odyssey Chapter 2 Which is currently dated August 16th.

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Some interesting under the hood with Horizon: Women were the most popular, at 54% compared to 46% for men, with women over the age of 25 representing 48% of the audience. This Western show was also given its highest score, if we can call it that, at 74%. The diverse offerings were 68% Caucasian, 14% Hispanic and Latino, 7% Black, and 5% Asian American.


Updated Friday evening: Disney/Pixar Inside out 2 The film is on track to gross more than $17 million on Friday, which will put the sequel on track for a third weekend. $60 million In 4,440 theaters, -41%, making it one of the top seven third weekends ever. The Oscar buzz has already built up around the film, and rightfully so: It’s responsible for bringing audiences back to theaters. The U.S. total will stand at $471.8 million By Sunday.

Yesterday, the global image $863 millionhas already surpassed the lifetime total of the original 2015 release, which ended its run at $858.8 million.

“Inside Out 2”

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Right now, Paramount’s prequel costs $67 million a Quiet Place: Day One be seen $20.5 million Friday in 3,707 theaters, another opening day record for a film before the first two movies went on to gross $18.8 million and $19.3 million, respectively. However, the film was spotted lasting three days in $48.5 million, which would mark the second-best three-day start in the series. The Rotten Tomatoes audience rating is 70%, which is down from the first film’s 83% and the latter’s 92%. By the way, the current three-day forecast is more than the $40 million seen during tracking.

“Horizon: An American Odyssey”

Warner Bros.

Kevin Costner independently financed his Westerns. Horizon: An American Epic – Chapter One He publishes a $4.3 million – $4.6 million Friday for one day $12 million – $13 million Opening at 3,334 locations for New Line. Whatever the cost of this movie — some say the first installment is $50 million, others $100 million — the opening is not far from the beginning of the multi-hyphenate film. Open fieldwhich appeared for the first time 14 million dollarsWe could reap the rewards at the opening, but we know this: That’s a $12 million to $13 million increase in this market, and for the show, there’s nothing to complain about. The question is whether the sequel, currently scheduled for release on August 16, 2024, will stick to the airstrip or be abandoned to Max. RT’s score of 71% is better than the 38% given by film critics.

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Sony’s fourth frame Bad Boys: Ride or Die At 3,312 theaters, the film is looking to make around $3 million today, three days into the show. 11 million dollars-41%, bringing the total running $163.9 million On Sunday.

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Makes its way to the fifth spot in the Bollywood title Kalki 2898 ADwith 2 million dollars Friday, $6.5 million Three days and a total run of less than $12 million For four days at 1,049 locations. The film grossed about $5.4 million on Thursday. Written and directed by Nag Ashwin, the film is set in a future ruled by elites who relish absolute luxury while leaving the rest of the world in the dark. There, a warrior must rise up to protect the one who will bring a new tomorrow in this action-packed sci-fi epic. This is the record. See the clip below. Critics say 71% on Rotten Tomatoes, but audiences disagree at 95%. More updates as we have them.

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Friday morning: We told you it was a franchise record as far as previews go A quiet place Privilege with Quiet Place: Day One, This is the case with the revised one now $6.8 million the total. This is higher than Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes ($6.6 million), which reached $58.4 million in its opening. If this prequel succeeds in achieving this amount, or even more than $50 million, this is an amazing achievement in three days for the third part.

Meanwhile, Kevin Costner’s photo from New Line Horizon: American Epic – Chapter One It came short from where we saw it, with $800,000. Oh, no — but keep in mind that the audience for the picture is not the audience for the Thursday night preview.

Inside Out 2 It made $11.2 million on Thursday, -12% from Wednesday for the second week of $156.8 million and the operating sum $411.99 million.

This week is expected to be a rich week at the box office. At this time last year, Indiana Jones and the Disc of Destiny Leading with $60.3 million over 3 days, for a $128.2 million weekend total. It’s reasonable to assume we’ll beat the market total by Sunday.

Thursday evening: Paramount Introduction A Quiet Place: Day One It’s heading into a record-breaking preview night for the franchise between $5 million – $6 millionSeveral sources have informed us that show times start at 3 p.m.

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Tonight’s figure easily tops the $4.3 million the first film made in 2018 and the $4.8 million that a A Quiet Place: Part Two on the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend 2021, when summer begins in recently reopened theaters.

Both of these films were directed by John Krasinski, while the prequel was directed and written pig Director Michael Sarnoski. Quiet Place: Day One It tells the story of how ferocious aliens with extremely sensitive ears landed on Earth in New York City. Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn, Alex Wolff, and Djimon Hounsou.

Reviews are great at 86%, though it’s the lowest of the franchise so far after Chapter One (96%) and Chapter Two (91%). CinemaScore comes out Friday, but A quiet place He received a B+, while… The second part I got an A- grade.

This prequel had already grossed over $40 million over the weekend, and since it’s a genre film, it can be loaded ahead of time. The first film’s previews made 23% of its $18.8 million Friday, heading into a 3-day weekend of $50.2 million, while the sequel’s previews made 25% of its first Friday of $19.3 million, 3-day of $47.5 million, and 4-day of $57 million over Memorial Day weekend. It’s too early to tell if there’s a “5” in front of it. First dayOpening. Platinum Dunes is rated PG-13. Paramount held the New York premiere Wednesday night at the AMC Lincoln Center.

Warner Bros.

At this time, we’re hearing between $1 million and $1.5 million for Kevin Costner’s expensive three-hour epic, Horizon: American Epic – Chapter OneAt this level, New Line may be able to get the theatrical release, which is a distribution deal, 12 million dollarsI realize that this old title is a slow burner, not an opening weekend film. It’s best to gauge how well this film does in its first 10 days, as many people are taking summer vacations this week.

Reviews have a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes, which isn’t as bad as Costner’s film. mailman At 14%, although it is less than Water world47% on Rotten (which he produced) and under for his 2003 film Open field (79% fresh certificate), and multiple Oscar winner in 1990 dancing with the wolves (87% certified fresh). From Gharbia, Open field It opened to a high of $14 million, was released by Disney, and ended its run at $58.3 million.

Inside Out 2 box office

“Inside Out 2”


As expected, Disney/Pixar Inside Out 2 It will rule the weekend with $55 million-$60 million. The prequel crossed $400 million on its 13th day of release on Wednesday. That figure is up 2%. Barbie, Which grossed $394.4 million at the same time and ended at $636.2 million. The Kelsey Mann-directed sequel will cross the $1 billion mark worldwide this weekend, becoming the 54th title to reach the milestone.

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