Dave Grohl grills for 450 homeless people, cooking for 16 hours


Dave Grohl

harp trenches for meat smoker…

Feeds 450 needy people

Dave Grohl Proving once again why he’s such an off-stage rock star as he is… putting his grilling skills to work feeding the less fortunate.

The Foo Fighters’ main man showed up at The Hope Mission in Los Angeles around midnight Wednesday with some gear for the night and a huge meat smoker. Grohl took the next 16 hours (14 to cook and 2 to allow the rest of the meat) to batter the ribs, pork butt, brisket, cabbage, coleslaw, and beans.

You can see from the photos we got how hands-on Dave was through the whole process, making sure everything was absolutely perfect as he worked in the kitchen.

Dave handled all the expenses himself, he told us, and got a few naps here and there in the parking lot while smoking meat.

When it was time to serve, Dave spoke with the Mission of Hope staff and the guests who live there at the shelter. In all, we’re told his massive barbecue feast helped feed about 450 guests and 50 employees.

We all think about it, right?

There goes my hero
Watch him go
There goes my hero
it’s normal

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