Dane Jackson: Buffalo Bills dominate Tennessee Titans 41-7 but hospitalized with scary looking injury

Bills Cornback Dane Jackson was taken to hospital in an ambulance after sustaining a neck injury while colliding with his teammate near the end of the first half.

Jackson’s neck bowed awkwardly back after colliding with Tremaine Edmonds during his tackle late in the first half. He was put on a stretcher before being loaded into an ambulance and taken to hospital.

in statementBeals said Jackson “was taken to ECMC (hospital) for evaluation for a neck injury” where he will get a CT scan and X-ray. The team also said it had “full limb movement”.
After the game, Buffalo coach Sean McDermott He said He was “waiting for more updates” on Jackson’s situation, but the team was “sending all our prayers for him”.

Jackson’s injury was one of the few negatives of what was so productive Monday night for the Bills they crushed the Titans.

Quarterback Josh Allen threw for 317 yards and four touchdowns—including three to Stefon Diggs and one to Reggie Gilliam—while dissecting the Titans.

On the other side of the ball, the Bales defense managed to stifle Ryan Tanehill, Derek Henry and a crowd.

Although Henry was able to score an opening attack, the offensive player of the year 2020 wasn’t really able to stand up to a solid defense.

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Matt Milan and Jordan Boyer-Tanhill both objected – with Milan turning his back 43 yards to land – Buffalo also forced four turns to keep their foot on the pedal.

This was the level of dominance, both teams provided reserve midfielders near the end of the game to avoid a starting injury.

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The connection between Allen and Diggs proved pivotal to the Bills’ rise to the top as many Super Bowl favorites, with the Diggs ending Monday night with 12 receptions for 148 yards and three TDs.

After a dynamic game in the season-opening win against the Los Angeles Rams last week, Diggs became the first NFL player since Steve Smith in 2007 with no fewer than 250 yards and received four touchdowns in his team’s first two games of the season.

Allen and Diggs celebrate after scoring a goal against the Titans.

Allen – who leads the NFL with eight touchdowns two weeks later – said he loves playing with a skilled wide receiver.

“I was thrilled to get the ball early and often. He did a great job opening up, playing and making some great shots,” Allen He said after the game.

“He’s what he is: He’s Stefon Diggs. We know he’s one of the greatest, if not the greatest, receivers in the game right now. I trust him implicitly.”

The Bills are now 2-0 up and still among the favorites to compete for the Super Bowl berth while the Titans – who were the top seed in last year’s AFC Conference – remained winless.

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